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A Royall Easter 16 April 2001

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It’s amazing the see-saw my emotions have been on lately. One minutes I’m happy because things are looking like they’re going my way, and then something small and stupid that I shouldn’t worry about anyhow gets me to thinking and worrying and fretting. I should just stop caring…


Anyhow, Easter weekend… busy busy busy. Friday night Kurt took me out to dinner at Ruby Tuesday’s, and I ordered their blue megarita which rather messed me up for the rest of the day. What really got me is the waiter carded me (yeah I know I look young), but he didn’t card Kurt. You ought to card all the people at the table if you’re going to bother to card one. We ended up having to wander around the mall for a while so I could be a little less tiddly.

Saturday we went biking around again, just to get off our lazy bottoms and get exercising. The only thing wrong with me is that my metabolism is so slow — if I could speed it up a bit, I think I’d lose some weight. We explored around Kurt’s house, which was really neat because there’s a really old neighborhood just down the road… the sign says it’s from 1829. It looks odd in the middle of the rest of urban sprawl and/or suburbia.

Early morning Easter service on Sunday…. We went to the 8am because being from Williamsburg, the churches here on Easter fill up with all those damn tourists. I remember my freshman and sophomore years having to leave really early in order to get to the church 30 minutes before the service so that we were guaranteed a seat in the santuary. Kurt and I got to the church (which was named Green Acres, which totally cracked me up once we sat down) about ten minutes before the service, and there were three people there. They’d roped off most of the seats in the santuary, and I was guessing maybe it was for the choir or the kids or something — once the service was over I realized it was to get the few people that would show to sit near the front, instead of everyone in the back. Probably twenty people showed up to that service. Afterward, the lady sitting a couple of pews in front of me came up to say that she was glad she could hear someone else in the church singing — everyone else was just kind of moving their lips. I couldn’t help but sing out because my voice is such that I can’t sing quietly, or at least that quietly.

I have a feeling that if I go back to that church they’ll recruit me into the choir. :o)

I do miss church in a way. I’ve never been one much for faith in a religious sense — I wasn’t raised on Jesus and prayer and all that. I went to church starting when I was six years old, but I just never bought into any of it. But I enjoy going to church. I enjoy the ceremony of it and knowing people there and seeing the people I know. My dad used to frustrate me on the rare Sundays when I didn’t go to church because someone I knew would come up to him and ask after me, and then he’d come home and say that the lady with brown hair asked about me. He’d never be able to describe her well enough so that I knew who the heck he was talking about, and he never knew anyone’s name. So I just gave up after a while. Dad’s getting old anyhow… :o)

The neighbors downstairs invited us over for Easter dinner, which I thought was the coolest thing. It’s John and his wife Rose with their daughter Royall, and Rose stays home with Royall. As a result, Royall is super smart for being barely three years old. Plus she is really well behaved, which is amazing for a child that young. The whole time she was there, she never got out of hand or threw a tantrum — and she hadn’t had her nap and she was up an hour past her regular bedtime. I was very impressed. Rose is my model for when I have kids.

Rose and I really bonded after dinner. I knew that she and I would get along really well after the couple of times we sat outside with her while Royall played. She was just so easy to talk to, and she knew exactly where I was coming from. Last night we talked for an hour or two — with Royall interruptions, of course, and Rose even mentioned how much alike she and I are, even though you wouldn’t really think it, her being a mother of one in her 30s who stays home, and I being a 22-year-old student. But I always get along better with folks a little older than I am — Kurt says it’s because I’m really mature. I don’t know about that; I don’t feel very mature, but somehow I always understand where the other person is coming from and I can relate to them. I’m very excited that Rose is so close — just down the stairs from Kurt’s apartment. I have a feeling we’ll be very good friends. :o)


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