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Cell phone rage 17 April 2001

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Some days I swear the boyfriend is far more romantic than I am. He just told me that he woke up with the rain pattering against the windowpane, and as he laid there (probably with both the cat and the dog hogging the bed and the covers) he thought how nice it would be if I were there to snuggle with him.

Kind of makes you want to retch, eh?? :o)

I wish sometimes I could think of things like that to tell him. Mostly I just think of how many days, hours, etc., it is till Friday. But I hear no complaints from him.


This weekend was GORGEOUS weather-wise. Warm enough for shorts, sunny enough for me to get somewhat “tanned” (read, pink from a minor sunburn).

And what is it today??? Cold and rainy. I woke up at the ungodly hour of 7am to get to breakfast before class, and I trudged through steady rain under a gloomy sky to the University Center. But by the time my last class let out at 12:30, it was rather sunny. Just in time for me to shut myself up in the library for three hours just to get a paycheck.


And all this crazy weather is making the people on campus sick. Which means I’ll probably catch something…. grrr…


I got so angry in my Web Programming class today… My professor had posted the specifications to the program we had due on the internet, and when my partner and I went to do the program, we used the specs that were posted. But he changed the specs… and instead of looking at the plethora of emails he sent out about it, we went off the posted specs. And got a point taken off because our data wasn’t sorted.

That point I won’t argue. But then he proceeded to take off two points, and the only comment was “Data ???” (we were to read data and output to a table). Another two points he took off because he didn’t like the way we wrote the code because it wasn’t general enough — but he didn’t mention ANYTHING about the code having to be general in the specs. So there were four points taken off for no particular reason at all. Grrr.

He just needs to retire anyhow. He’s a terrible professor.


I have come to the conclusions that I HATE cell phones. With a passion.

Can you believe it?? I was watching the footage of the Ocean View St. Patrick’s Day parade (a big deal around here) on the local news, and some gent who was marching was talking on the cell phone!!!

I walk around campus and the number of girls yakking on a cell phone while walking to class is staggering. What kind of a social life does a person have in college that they have to have a cell phone?! My God! We have email supplied to us and our own voice mail boxes — both of which can be checked from almost anywhere on campus.

And the folks who drive while talking on the cell phone… grrr… Kurt will sometimes call me on his way home, but it’s generally to tell me that he’s on his way home and he’ll be online in a few minutes. I can’t count the number of times I’ve had to get out of the way of a swerving car whose driver is too busy talking on the cell phone to pay attention to his/her driving!

I wish people would just have a little more sense…


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