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Coffee bliss 18 April 2001

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I just jogged up three flights of stairs to the third floor because I was too lazy to walk to the end of the hall and take the elevator. Make sense much? Um, no. Besides, the elevator in this building is kind of sketchy. It feels like it’s going to fall off its cables at any second.

I went up to the third floor in order to do this girl a favor. See, she accosted me outside yesterday while I was taking out my garbage. It seems we’re in the same class, and she couldn’t be in class today because she had to go to DC. I assumed she asked me because she didn’t know anyone else, and she usually sits next to me. So I said, sure, I’ll do it, and she asked me if I could stick them on her door on the third floor.

This morning between classes I typed up those notes for her because I didn’t think my notes were clear enough. It took me almost an hour to do because the version of Word I was using kept wanting to bullet each item, and I couldn’t remember how to shut that feature off.

I just took those notes up to her. And on her door, there were xeroxed copies of someone else’s notes from our class…

So why the heck did she ask me?!

I stuck my notes for her on her door… maybe I’ll ask her in class tomorrow why she needed two sets of notes.

Maybe I won’t.

I hate confrontation.


After work I went to talk to Beverly again… gotta get my daily Beverly fix. :o) She found some chocolate covered espresso beans that were supposed to be on display, and L. decided to buy some from her because he’d never had them. After one bite, he grimaced and said, “Ugh, it tastes like chocolate covered coffee beans!!!”

I just looked at him and said, “Um, that’s what they are.”

He felt dumb. :o)

He gave me a bunch of beans to eat, so I’m sure I’ll be wired tonight. That’ll be good… maybe I’ll actually have motivation to write my essay.

But it’s not likely.


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