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Pain pain everywhere 22 May 2001

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I had the headache from hell yesterday. And for me, who’s never really suffered a bad headache, it was a very very bad time to be me.

It started out once all my guests showed up for dinner (menu: Kurt’s patented fried chicken, Momma’s patented tuna mac salad, deviled eggs, and Bush’s Country Style baked beans) — all three of them. Momma, Rose, and her daughter Royall were our guests. Rose had said she might not be able to come because she was suffering from a headache at the base of her skull which was making it difficult for her to function, but around 5pm or so she called Kurt and told him that she was feeling better and that she would join us for dinner. We’ve been eating dinner a lot together recently…

So here come Rose and Royall, and my head starts to pound… but just gently. And it wasn’t Royall’s fault — she’s not a three-year-old that runs amok, screaming. She came in, handed my mother a card that she had made her (even though they’d never met before), and decided to occupy her time by chatting with me and her mother and drawing on her MagnaDoodle.

After about an hour of eating and chatting, the little man in my head had switched from the rubber mallet he was using to pound my skull to a crowbar — the pain was sharp and piercing. Folks sensed I wasn’t feeling well and took their leave around 9:45pm, and it was then that the little man in my head decided that the crowbar wasn’t heavy enough and switched to a sledgehammer. (Cue Peter Gabriel…)

All I could do was lay on the couch absolutely still. Rose had lent me her “popcorn bag,” a bag you heat in the microwave and apply to the headache. It was helping for a while… but I finally had to resort to the Exedrin Migraine. I started crying… the pain was that bad, and there was nothing I could do about it.

By 11:30, I was in my room, laying down and fighting back tears. No lights, and Kurt had turned down the tv in the living room so it wouldn’t bother me. I gave up on the popcorn bag and rolled over on my side. The next thing I know, it’s 3am, the little man had switched back to the rubber mallet, but now I felt sick to my stomach.

Thankfully, by the time I woke up this morning, the pain was gone. I had always wondered what it was about migraines that paralyzed their sufferers, and now I know. I just pray that I won’t get another one of those… at least not for a while…


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