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Fingers crossed 31 May 2001

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I had an interview for that job I really really want yesterday. I think it went really well. I am pretty sure I was the first one to interview and also that I am pretty high up in the running. I know they didn’t have anything to compare against, but from some dropped comments here and there it seemed I had the strongest resume… at least from the library point of view. I don’t think I have quite the web site experience they are looking for, but that’s easy to pick up. If my 50-year-old father can teach himself how to design graphics and create a website from scratch, he who had no experience at all in doing so, I think I can pick it up a bit. Anyhow, these people need someone who knows music, has experience in special collections, who know preservation techniques, and also knows computers. That’s me!! :o)

But I still have my fingers crossed.

There hasn’t been anything too terribly exciting going on around here. I generally sleep in till at least 9am, then get up, read the paper, and check my email. The rest of the day is devoted to cross stitch, visiting with my neighbors, or going to the pool, now that it’s open. Such an exciting life, yes??

But it’s nice now… It’s nice to be on my own, not having to worry about anyone… not having to worry about what’s going on… not having to worry about school… not having personal problems…

I am so relaxed now. I don’t even have to fret about a job because if I don’t get this one, Kurt’s given me leeway till the end of summer to find one. I have no stress. And it feels GREAT!! Too bad it probably won’t last long…

I’ve gotten a bunch of graduation cards in the mail. At first I was worried since it was something like a month after I sent out announcements, and usually at least my stepmother’s parents are prompt about those kinds of things. But I got a card from them, and a check. :o) And my grandfather’s cousins, two old maids who are 90 years older than God but with hearts of gold, sent me a $35 check!!!! Twice a year, for my birthday and Hanukkah (they’re Jewish), they’ve sent me $5 checks — from birth to this past birthday when I turned 22. So getting a $35 check is rather quite amazing!! Plus they spelled my name right!!! Usually they spelled it Kayrl or some other oddity… Anyhow, Kurt’s family sent me cards too. They are so cute… they just love me!! Which is a good thing, since they’re to be my in-laws… ;o)


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