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Kitties galore! 26 June 2001

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My poor kitty is wandering around here trying to scratch her ear, but failing miserably due to the collar the vet put on her so she won’t eat out her stitches.

Poor Karla.

Karla was spayed on Friday. Oh boy was that an ordeal. Kurt dropped her off in the morning, having to deal with the idiot receptionist who didn’t realize that Kurt is the holder of the account, and I was just the one paying for it. She told him to call around 2pm to check on the status of the kitty. I called at 2:30pm, and she said she’d go check right then. Ten minutes later, she comes back from keeping me on hold and asks if I’d been helped. I told her I was waiting on the status of my kitty, and she starts apologizing profusely telling me she’d forgotten about me since she had to do something quickly. Grrr. Same idiot receptionist…

Saturday morning we go to pick Karla up. It was supposed to be $105. Well, she’d eaten out some of her stitches, so that was another $12 to put in some staples to hold the incision closed. Since she was licking at the incision, she had to have antibiotics for another $10 and an Elizabethan collar to prevent her from being able to reach her incision for $8. Plus they found tapeworms from when she was an outdoor cat, and I had to get tapeworm medication for another $15. So now we’re up to $150. And we’re still dealing with the idiot receptionist that has NO clue what price anything is, and has to continually ask another lady in the office. If she looked like she was new to the job, I’d let it slide. It was more like she was just a moron. Or high. Take your pick.

We gave Karla her first dose of meds Saturday night. I was almost asleep at 1am when she started making funny noises, and then she was vomiting. We called the emergency vet, who told us antibiotics can sometimes react poorly with a kitty’s system. She vomited again at 2am, and for some reason my gastrointenstinal system decided to rebel as well. That was the start of my feeling really ill for the next couple of days, but I think mine was due to the Cajun food I ate that day at a festival in the area.

Thankfully, Karla’s been ok since then, but I still feel really bad for her. She just sleeps most of the day… I can’t wait to get the stitches out and have her back without that damned collar… Poor girl…

And Momma’s kitty had babies yesterday!! I didn’t get to see them get born, but I did see them when they were only 30 minutes old. So cute!

I want one.

Bad me. :o)


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