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Marilyn Mansion?? 17 July 2001

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I keep wanting to take these day trips out to various places around the area when Kurt’s got the day off. Which is more often that you’d think, since his shift has too many people on it and the guy who has appointed himself in charge has decided to send at least two people home each night. So I get to spend lots of time with Kurt. It’s a good thing.

But back to the day trip thing. There are a ton of interesting things to see in this area, particularly old mansions from the 18th and 19th centuries, that are pretty close to this area. This is another reason why I’m glad our little part of the world isn’t as built up as northern Virginia, where I spent a good chunk of my formative years. You don’t have to go very far from our house to find wide open spaces. I have this thing for old houses and estates — I’m just fascinated by them. You’d think that since I was dragged to a bunch of them when I was younger, I’d be tired of them, but they are just so interesting to me. I like to see how folks lived back then, what life was like. Living in Colonial Williamsburg for four years was pretty damn cool, let me tell you.

Actually, my parents tended to drag my sister and me to the battlefields more than anything, since that’s about all that’s left of the history in northern Virginia. So we did the Antietam thing, the Bull Run thing… I’m rather surprised we never made it to Gettysburg since it’s not THAT far from our house and we have relatives in Pennsylvania. Now THAT would have been something to see.

What got me thinking about this whole day trip thing was a series of articles in the local paper showcasing a lot of the old mansions around here. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the names of the mansions or where they are, and I’ve thrown out all the newspapers already. Not the brightest bulb on the tree, that’s me. :o)

In other news, I gave blood during a blood drive on Friday. We were on base getting some things done at the Exchange when I realized what time it was — not a good time to try to go back home through the tunnel. That’s the only bad part about this area. You have to try to live and work on the same side of the water because rush hour traffic goes both ways and ties up both sides of the tunnels in this area. Anyhow, it was 5pm and a bad time to try to get home. So we decided to go out to the blood drive instead of waiting for the next day to give blood at another location.

We checked in at 5:45pm and started waiting in line for our vital stats to be taken. While there, I met this girl who was standing behind me in line. We seemed to have a great deal in common, being bookworms and interested in computers (only she’s more interested in computer games, but that’s right up Kurt’s alley), and she’s married to a sailor. :o) I loved being able to talk to another girl in regards to computers and have her know what I’m talking about!!! Anyhow, for giving blood we got free tickets to a concert out here, so we’ll be meeting up with her to enjoy the show. It should be a good evening.

That coincidentally is our one and a half year anniversary. And we just passed two months of living together — and we’re both still alive. :o) That’s a feat!!!


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