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Which end’s up?? 12 August 2001

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There’s been so much going on in the last three days, my head’s all awhirl, and I really don’t know where to start. Everything just happened too fast.

I guess a little background is in order. I may have mentioned a new friend I met at a blood drive here in the area. Well, she had told me she’s leaving her job because she’s going back to school for her master’s degree, and her company had hired this guy she thought was a moron to replace her. She was really apprehensive about leaving the job to this guy because she thought he was going to ruin everything she had going (she does R&D for a company whose main job is industrial hygiene). So about 8am a week ago Thursday, she called me and asked me if I wanted her job. If a job is going to fall into my lap like that, and one that I am actually interested in, I am NOT going to turn it down. :o)

So I got up, fixed up my resume, and snapped it off to the vice president of the company by email. I heard nothing for days — and finally I called my friend and asked if the v.p. had even gotten my resume! She told me she had, so all I had to do was wait. So wait I did.

Wednesday afternoon, the v.p. called me and wanted to know if I could come in for an interview the very next day. When I showed up, she asked me some things, but after about ten minutes she said, “If I call you later this afternoon with a job offer, can you start tomorrow??” They wanted me to start asap because the next day was my friend’s last day, and they wanted me to have some training.

Later that afternoon, I did get the call and the job. I went and bought a new car because with Kurt driving 40 miles out to Dam Neck and back again every day for school, there was no way we could really carpool. He goes to school from 7am-3pm (sometimes he gets out even earlier), and my work hours are 8am-5pm. I got a 2001 silver Chevy Cavalier coupe, which is a damn nice car for as inexpensive as it is. And it’s registered in Kurt’s name, so no car tax for me and I get free city stickers. Tee hee.

My first day at work was kind of stressful. The guy who I was replacing hadn’t been fired yet, so both of us were up in the lab when my friend arrived, which made her fly out of the lab and find her bosses to chew them out. He left after a while, but it was rather tense there for a little while. My friend tells me I’ll do fine, but there’s just so much to remember. I hope I’ll be ok. :o) I think I will. I had a good time at work on Friday.

I left for work at 6:50am because I heard on the radio that the tunnel traffic was heavy, which it wasn’t. I think I go through the tunnel at the break when all the Navy people have gone through (they have to be at work at 7am), and before the civilians have to worry about going to work. I didn’t get home again till 9:30pm — I went to the dealer right after work to sign the final papers for the car, and then Kurt took me to dinner to celebrate.

My new car had 3 miles on it when I got in it to test drive it Thursday afternoon… and now it’s got around 150 miles on it. :o) And that’s just driving locally!!

So now I’m so tired that I don’t know which end is up, and I can’t sleep as well as I should. But it should all work out soon. I know my family’s laughing at me for having a job that requires me to get up at 6am at the latest — they know how I *hate* mornings. :o) Oh well.


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