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First week gone already 17 August 2001

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What a week!!! I am not sure YET if I’ve really caught my breath. And getting onto a schedule that my body likes will take a few weeks more. But I think I’ll be ok soon.

My job is pretty damn cool. I get to play with dangerous gases and chemicals. Fun stuff. :o) I’ve run a couple of experiments by myself already, and the only things I’ve done wrong is I forgot to turn on the coolant bath, so John tells me that my readings will be a little low (which is ok, since they actually weren’t), and I forgot to shut down the system when I was done with it today. But Kurt came in today to take me to lunch, and Michelle, being the sweet woman she is, took my stuff out and that’s why I forgot to shut down the system. :o)

As with any job, though, there are issues. I *really* don’t like this one particular woman at work, and I’m not sure how I can still be nice and sweet to her so that she doesn’t realize that I really don’t like her. I’ve done it before, but this woman just TOTALLY rubs me the wrong way. I want to just turn her over my knee and break her in half — and she’s thin enough to do it too.

I’m also not sure how to handle the different departments. I’m in the lab, and I guess the lab “rats” just don’t associate with the production people, and the production folks make it clear they’re not interested in being very friendly. They’re the type that are just there for the paycheck anyhow — and since it’s not skilled labor, I suppose they just don’t care. Just come in, do the job, give me my paycheck and let me get out of here. I guess that’s how they view it.

So I guess it’ll work out. I just need to figure out a good sleep schedule.

And the best part of it all, the most wonderful, gorgeous and GREAT Liad is on her way right now as we speak!! My very first house guest since this became my home. YAY!!


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