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Busybodies and new layouts 21 August 2001

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Two minutes past my bedtime. Shame on me.


There is this woman at work that I just know that I can’t stand. She never ever smiles, and when she does try to smile, she does one of those rigor mortus type smiles where it looks like it’s going to crack her face right in half. She’s super sarcastic to everyone, and nosy to boot.

Case in point: Last Friday Kurt came to work to take me to lunch to celebrate my getting this job and for surviving my first week. He got there a little early since his school let him out a bit early, and I clocked out for lunch at 11:30am. I have no schedule telling me when I can go to lunch — as long as I don’t have an experiment running that will finish while I’m gone, and as long as I tell someone that I’m going to lunch, I can go when I want to. Well, this woman was sealing bags when I punched out that Friday, and the bag sealing was sitting in front of the time card machine. She looks at me and says rather snidely, “Where are you going so early in the day??” Like it’s any of her business anyhow.

Today I was on my way to punch out, and the new girl from sales passes me by. I feel kind of bad for this new girl because it’s taken her a while to catch on to what she’s supposed to do, and I’ve heard a lot of people gossiping about her because her department is rather full of people that like to gossip. I’m sure she’s trying quite hard — she’s just not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree. But she tries.

Anyhow, so the new girl passes me by on her way out. I continue on, and there is the nosy woman standing at the time card machine. She does this every afternoon — she just stands there and waits for five minutes until it flips over to 5pm on the dot. She’s not doing anything for the company during those five minutes, so I don’t think she should be doing it. At least she should go back to her computer and play solitaire until she can leave — it gets her nose out of my business at least. Well, the nosy woman says in a low voice to me, “That new girl always clocks out early!!” Like I care. I grab my time card, punch out, and as I’m sliding it back into its slot, the nosy woman says, “And you do too!!” I told her that a minute isn’t going to kill me (it was 4:59pm), and she responded with “Well, they can fire us for that.”

Ahem. If she’s worried they’re going to fire her over clocking out at 4:59pm then she has more problems than I want to know about. What she doesn’t know is that I always clock in at least 5 minutes before 8am, and usually at least 5 minutes early off lunch. Why? Because I’d rather be early than be late. So if I clock out at 4:59pm every day, the company still gets me for at least 8 hours and 10 minutes a day. Excuse me, 8 hours and 9 minutes.

I have never liked women named Leah anyhow.


So after that little incident, and nearly getting run over in the tunnel in rush hour traffic, and realizing I left my cell phone at work, I got home this afternoon and walked in the door to a changed house.

I just stood there for a minute, thinking, yes this is my furniture, there’s my puppy, Kurt’s here, the cat’s here… but why is everything moved around??

Kurt thought I was going to faint, I was so taken aback.

Kurt got “bored” today and decided to take our neighbor’s advice on where to move things around in the apartment. So now I’m on the computer in the bedroom while Kurt watches tv in the living room. The living room isn’t much changed — the couch is at a slant to the wall, and we have more space. But the bedroom is totally different — and he managed to cram a lot of furniture in here!! I like it a lot better, though. This is more of a personal room, more than a bedroom, and the living room looks so much better.

We just need two bedrooms to hold all the crap we own!! :o)


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