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No more school 29 August 2001

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Unfortunately, my dinner is about ready and I’m not sure how long I have to type before Kurt comes in to bean me. :o)

I have such a good house husband. :o)


So, Karyl, what did you do at work yesterday?!?!


I got to defrost a freezer with a hammer. Oh yeah.

See, we have these freezers at work that we keep things in that need to stay fresh and uncontaminated. They get sealed in aluminum bags and frozen. This one freezer hadn’t been opened since before Michelle started working there, which means probably close to two years since the last time it was opened. We tried to open it around 10am yesterday morning, and it wouldn’t open. We unplugged it and let it sit, and around 3pm John was able to get it open a few inches. Michelle, on the other hand, got tired of waiting and wrenched the sucker open — to reveal massive chunks of ice surrounding the various bags.

So Michelle and I went to work chipping away the ice with a hammer. We couldn’t let it defrost on its own because the freezer in question is in the loft, and the freezer would have leaked all over the loft and drained into the rooms under the loft. Not a good idea.

But Michelle and I certainly were able to release all of our tensions and aggressions… which is good because Kurt had managed to annoy me greatly earlier in the day. I even started yelling at the ice just to release tension. Oh it was good!! :o)


So starts another school year at grand old Mary and Bill. Err, William and Mary. Or its official name: The College of William and Mary in Virginia. How pretentious. :o)

But I won’t be there.

I won’t be at ANY school.

Which is certainly an odd feeling. I have been attending some sort of education since I was just three years old. So nineteen years I have been awaiting the day after Labor Day, sometimes with excitement, sometimes with dread.

And this year the day after Labor Day is just another work day. The exciting thing is I get Labor Day off, for the first time in four years. At William and Mary it is just another school day.

What makes not going back to school even worse is everyone around me is going back to school. Katie, my predecessor at work, quit to go back to school. My two coworkers, John and Michelle, are each taking classes towards another degree — John for his master’s in chemistry, and Michelle towards a bachelor’s and master’s in nursing, even though she already has a bachelor’s and master’s in chemistry. Even Kurt is working his way towards a degree and taking seven credits this semester to do that.

I just feel… odd.

No school for me anymore.

At least until I get my master’s. :o)


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