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Classical music makes my day 2 October 2001

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Kurt’s watching the new sitcom about Emeril. I think I’m going to boycott it and go back to my cross-stitch.

Besides, if I don’t pick up my cross-stitch again I may just forget about the needle that I handily stored in my shirt until I try to take it off before bed tonight and poke one or both of my eyes out.

This would be bad.

Anyhow, Michelle and I have adjusted to not having John around fairly well. Things got really hectic last week when we had a bunch of things to get ready for a trade show, but it’s really settled down since then. We’re working on something for DoD, and that’s going to take up most of our time, but at least we won’t be running around like chickens sans heads anymore.

Thank God for small miracles.

The only problem is I don’t have enough to fill up my day. And working in a lab, I can’t manage to pretend I’m working when I’m actually surfing the internet. The only computer I can use that’s hooked up to the internet is the one that nominally belongs to our lab manager, and he’s usually on it typing up verification reports. So usually I just look at catalogs that sell equipment for labs and manufacturing plants. Veru fascinating how many different kinds of disposable gloves you can buy — from sterile to nitrile to latex to rubber to powder-free. Not to mention in many different lengths.

Needless to say, I get bored. Very bored.

I hate to keep asking Michelle to give me something to do. But the girl who had the job before me usually balanced her checkbook or did her bills all day. I can’t do that; I’d feel guilty doing it on company time. At least looking at these catalogs, maybe I’ll find something we may need a while down the road. I can hope, at any rate.

I’ve taken to listening to classical music both on the way to and from work. I actually like listening to classical music — my mother calls it “Marty music” since that’s about all my stepmother will listen to, but you can’t play in an orchestra for as long as I did and NOT like classical music. Or at least tolerate it fairly well. :o)

Classical music gets me going in the morning — it’s upbeat enough to wake me up, but it’s not blaring at me. Plus it’s all music!! No morning dj’s!! I get enough of the obnoxious morning dj routine once I get to work because our radio is always tuned to the local rock station. Plus on the way home, it’s a nice counterpoint to the madness of the traffic. And it’s quite relaxing.

And the best part of all?? Listening to listener-supported radio means… NO COMMERCIALS!! YAY!!! And the dj’s don’t talk about themselves; they give you neat little tidbits about the composers and the pieces they’re playing.

OK, so I’m a nerd. No wait, make that geek. Exxxxcellent. :o)


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