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Wedding news 19 October 2001

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The length between my diary entries is getting longer and longer. But it’s really not my fault. I would love to update this diary every day or even several times a day, but I no longer have massive hours of discretionary time to play on the computer.

Plus I’ve been busy.

“Will the real Mrs. W. please stand up?”

*giggle* That would be me.

Of course, now my sister and I share the same initials YET AGAIN, but it’s worth it to be married to the one and the only most lovable Kurt.

Or Kurdles, as his mother (my mother-in-law!!! *gasp*) calls him. Still. Even though he’s almost a foot taller than she is and he’s coming up on his 28th birthday in a few months.

But I am incredibly happy to be married to this man. When he and I started dating, I was actually dating another man that, while he was a nice guy, he was making me rather miserable. Kurt and I started dating, and everyone made mention of how much happier I was.

So I thought about it and realized that I was much, much happier.

The thing I like most about Kurt is his ability to make me laugh. Almost constantly. And the noises he makes as he narrates a story. Just the way he tells a story sometimes is enough to make me bust out laughing for hours.

Or just the way he tells me the names of folks in his family…

“Eddie and Freddie??”

“Yeah, Eddie, Freddie, and Richie.”

That’s where I went into hysterics and laughed for hours. Even Momma thought it was funny. Kurt doesn’t get it, which makes it even funnier. :o)

And I know none of this is making sense. But the bliss of my first week of marriage has been marred by the crap going on at work, and I’ve been focusing on that lately.

We have a new person at work; let’s just call her Maria, which isn’t her real name, but let’s just anyhow. I asked Michelle, is she John’s replacement? Apparently she is. But she knows jack about anyhing in the lab. She’s from a temp agency, and she’s an hourly employee.

There’s nothing wrong with that — so am I (only not from a temp agency). But I wasn’t hired with the expectation that I know anything about working in a chemistry lab. She is supposedly the replacement for a chemist.

Maria just drives me up the flippin’ wall. Constantly. She’s always hanging over my shoulder, and it doesn’t seem like she’s doing it to learn. The way she does it, it’s like she’s watching me to make sure I’m doing things right. She’s always bossing me around — and then turning around and asking me a thousand questions because she doesn’t understand what was asked of her. She asked me today if she could set up a system since Michelle showed her how to yesterday, and I said sure, and stepped back. “What do I do first?” she asks. Plus, and this is the worst part, she has no idea how to use a computer.

If you want to work in almost any job out there, you should at least know Microsoft Word and how to navigate the internet. This woman doesn’t know Word. I had to describe in great detail each step of how to make a label.

I spend most of my day telling her how to do something. And she has no initiative. She just sits on her bottom waiting for us to tell her what to do. When I started, I always asked, “What can I do?” because I didn’t want people thinking I’m lazy. Besides, I get bored just sitting there. Maria just loves to talk, though, and she’ll just sit at her desk and talk my ear off.

Argh. Anyhow, I don’t mean to complain, but I just don’t quite know how to handle it. I just smile and nod, but inside I want to scream. I am starting to dread going to work, and I even caught myself trying to figure out how I can do my work downstairs in John’s office so I could have some peace and quiet.

Oh well. You win some, you lose some.

But today, Michelle told me we had a order to check out before it was shipped, so I went ahead and grabbed a sheet to record the information on, and when I glanced down the stairs all the head folks were having a pow-wow at the bottom of the stairs. So I didn’t think anything of not using those stairs. We continued on through the loft, but when we got to the breakroom, Michelle flung open the door and the entire company shouted, “Surprise!!!”

I seriously starting thinking whether it was something for Maria, then I looked behind me to see if I had preceded someone important into the room. But there wasn’t anyone, so I guessed they meant the luncheon to be in my honor.

Sure ’nuff!!

Boy was I embarrassed. :o) I’m not used to being the center of attention. Everyone had brought in food that they had made, and Vicktoria, oh my goodness, Vicktoria made a wedding cake for me. It was LOVELY! It was two-tiered, and had burgundy ribbon and ivy and white flowers coming off the top, just like my wedding bouquet. A pumpkin cake with cream cheese icing… YUM! Michelle had invited Kurt, but he had to work.

I was just floored by the way people went all out for me. It was really nice to have something done in my honor. It was a really good feeling. :o)


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