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The week from hell 7 December 2001

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Talk about one hellacious week. Blah. I don’t mean to come on here to complain every time I update, but it’s getting kinda hard when nothing goes right…

On Monday we got a spiffy new piece of equipment for the lab, which made the new ladies’ day. It is a pretty cool device, BUT it needs a computer to run it. And so someone in the office had to make an emergency run to a computer store and buy us a computer. That wouldn’t have been so bad if our salesperson AND the manager of the maintenance guys weren’t there to put the damn thing together. Not to mention that they asked us for methanol and somehow chloroform ended up in the methanol bottle. The two folks from the company we bought the machine from told us that an integral part to the machine was now useless, and our salesperson ordered another from the company to arrive the next day in her name. Well, that piece never got to us, which is a good thing because our chemists figured out that there was no way that chloroform should have harmed the part to that degree. The salesperson had thrown it away that day, so it was a DAMN good thing that the cleaning lady didn’t come in that day. :o) To make a long story short, we made ourselves look like incompetent assholes, and that’s a feeling I really despise.

The other sucky part about Monday is I left all my feminine products at home, which resulted in a mess that I’m sure no one wants to hear about. But it sucked to the n-th degree, let me tell you.

Tuesday wasn’t bad.

Wednesday… Wednesday was bad. I can’t precisely remember why. I went up to Momma’s that night after work because I just didn’t want to deal with my life right then. So we had a grand old time listening to Christmas music (by the way, Momma, that radio station doesn’t come in on the Southside…), she made me dinner, and we just yammered for a while. I didn’t really want to leave but I had to go to work the next morning. Blecch.

Thursday… See, we had received all this stuff to do for a trade show this weekend. This meant I was to set up all these systems with various contaminants to expose our badges to different levels so the folks at the trade shows could see how they work and want to buy them from us. Problem: our air compressor decided it didn’t want to function properly and I was restricted to setting up only one system at a time. Plus I was to QC a layer that reacts to ozone, but my ozone system was refusing to cooperate. This is a sure recipe for frustration, I can assure you! Thankfully George was there and jerry-rigged everything I needed. Bless him. :o) Oh, and speaking of which, a lady at work wore a shirt that read “Too blessed to be stressed.” I think I need that shirt to wear most days… :o)

Today we finished all the trade show badges, only four hours late but I was waiting for Dr. K to finish up the chlorine badges for me. And I didn’t want to annoy the president of the company ALL the time! :o) I suppose the day wasn’t all that bad when looked at in retrospect, but today was one of the really bad days this week. Part of it was friction with the office — I needed to order something, and when the office called the order in, they were told it was on backorder. Well, we need that item by Tuesday. So I asked her to call other companies to see if they had the part, and she tells me, “I’m running out of time here, it’s already 4:30pm.” And the way she said it made it very clear that she was not willing to stay even five minutes late to get this order out. So I dropped everything I was doing, looked up two damn part numbers for her from another company, and asked her to change the order. I bet while I was doing that she was sitting on her fanny eating chips, like she had the last time I’d been in the office. And what time did I leave the building?? 5:45pm. I should have been getting home right around then, instead of looking at a 45-minute drive home. Man, that woman bugs me!

This weekend promises to be a busy one, when I want to do is relax. But Tressa is bringing her baby by, and I haven’t seen them since the baby was still inside Tressa! And that was four months ago!! Plus we’re having our friends over that we haven’t seen in a while, and so I’ve got to clean house. Fun stuff. :o)

I just work so hard while I’m at work that I get so worn out that all I want to do on the weekends is relax. Not stress out, not do anything, not hang out with anyone. I have to deal with two ladies at work who really don’t want to leave me alone (although the two of them went out for lunch this afternoon and blessedly left me BY MYSELF) for any reason!

Oh well, the laundry needs to get done, and while I just bought a spiffy new washer and dryer, it doesn’t do the laundry for me… :o) Yeah, wouldn’t that be nice?? But some man would probably program it, and so pink would be the new hot color in fashion — because the washers would wash the colors with the whites!!

Wouldn’t it figure?? :o)


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