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Ding dong the witch is gone 11 March 2002

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Hallelujah, our prayers have been answered!!!!

*Pause for the heavenly choir of angels to perform a round of alleluias*

Frick has been fired. THANK GOD! It only took them, what, like a month? Oh well, at least my nightmare is over.

See, my boss asked me several times whether they should let Frick go. The first time he asked, I somewhat danced around the problem because I didn’t want to look like I was backstabbing her. I also wanted to be as fair as I possibly could. Then the next time he asked me, I was more blunt. By then, she had annoyed me to no end. And every time she messed something up more than was warranted, I went to my boss. I don’t have time to babysit her, and she’s supposed to have the degree in chemistry anyhow!! She got one more chance — she had to do all the QC’s for a full two weeks. She couldn’t even handle that.

I took last Thursday off. Hey, I earned it. I made eight hours of overtime in two days’ time the week before that and felt that I earned ONE day off in the seven months I have been at the company. Plus it was Kurt’s 28th birthday. While I was there, Frick was to run the GC. We had the same problems we’d had with it a couple of months ago, and my boss thought I could fix it so he told me to re-run the stuff she’d done the day before. She didn’t wait for me to take over but got both hands in there and started another run before I even had the chance to make it up the stairs. The problem wasn’t fixed however, so how would she get good results if she simply restarted the GC?? That didn’t occur to her, and I guess that was the last straw for my boss. He was tired of babysitting her too. So she got called into the vice president’s office on Friday and got canned. Thank God.

And so now it’s just Frack and me, which is ok for now. We’re getting along really well now. Mostly, at any rate. But they really need to hire someone preferably young, and preferably male. Hey, I’m married — don’t think like that!! But think on this: you put three women in one lab in VERY close quarters, and just imagine the PMS. This is why we need a man. Young so that he’s smart enough to figure things out on his own and he’s not set in his ways, and male to deflect the PMS coming from Frack and from me. :o) My theory is perfect, you see!

Of course, it will be at least a month before they hire anyone.

In the meantime, they’ve given me another raise, which is hella cool, but still not enough to live on. See, I make “beer money” — the money that’s just for fun stuff we may want. Like Kurt getting his CD player installed in his truck. Kurt’s money is what pays the bills. Thank God for that!

I didn’t update for so long because the situation with Frick was just getting to be too much. I was extremely frazzled and stressed, and I didn’t want to go for entry upon entry whining about her. So I left for a time. Maybe now I’ll have something interesting to write about.

Maybe not. :o)


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