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Work worries 9 August 2002

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I am brewing myself a pot of coffee!! It’s been months since I used my coffeemaker — I had to clean the dust off it. Which is a shame, because my husband spent good money on the coffeemaker for me and it’s a really nice one. But a few months ago, I started feeling really queasy as I drank my coffee, and my stomach started to hurt really bad. So I stopped drinking it, and I stopped having problems. I usually only drank it at work, and only if Miss Laura made it. If one of my bosses made it, it’d be thick and strong — I was warned about their coffee the first day I was at my job! :o) It doesn’t make much sense for me to even have a coffeemaker since Kurt doesn’t drink coffee…. just me.

Kurt’s weird — he doesn’t drink coffee or tea (iced or regular, sweet or not sweet), and he doesn’t like cinnamon at all. He calls it cinna-crap. Oh, and Dr. Pepper is gross to him (and thereby Mr. Pibb also). So if we get a soda to share when we’re out, I can’t choose Dr. Pepper or sweet tea like I would if it were just me drinking it. I don’t know how he manages in the Navy without drinking a pot of coffee a day like the rest of the sailors. He’s going to make a strange Chief!! :o)

I have to admit, I am really eager to get back to work. It’s been great being off for two months, spending time with Kurt and working on my tan down at the pool, but it would be really nice to have something to do again. I’m actually getting somewhat bored. I have plenty to keep me busy, what with my books and my cross-stitch and Kurt not working 40 hours a week, but I miss all the folks at work. I miss seeing someone other than my husband all the time. It’s not that I’m trying to put Kurt down, but I am actually a somewhat social person at times, and I miss the society I get at work.

Plus I love my job, I love what I do, and I am nervous about the folks that are currently filling my job. I know for sure that when the last girl I trained as a chemist there was asked to sign off on a quality control form without actually performing any kind of QC on the product, and that frightens me because my company is in the business of saving people’s lives. That’s the main reason why that girl quit (again, for the second time). She didn’t like being pressured into passing something just because someone told her it HAD to pass. I just wonder if we’re going to have any customers left when all this is over.

I am concerned about actually going back. I believe they’ve moved into the new building by now — and I was to be the one to set up the new lab. There are people working in the lab now that I don’t know and that I didn’t train, and I am to be in charge of the lab when we go back. So I am concerned about what to do about the people that are there. Are they going to let me have my desk back? Are they going to accept me as their boss? Are my bosses just going to fire them and go back to finding just one more chemist for the lab when Frack and I go back to work? I know it’s not my place to worry about these things — that my bosses will take care of them, but it still makes me nervous.

The new court date is next Friday. Let’s hope that the judge is tired of all the stalling tactics that the other side has been using and let all of us get back to doing what we do best.


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