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The Waiting Game 19 August 2002

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So my company was to have its hearing before a judge this past Friday. Come to find out, it still wasn’t the final hearing, but even still…

The judge has THE WORST timing in the world.

The poor man (I think it’s a man) went to the hospital early Friday morning because of something wrong with his kidneys.

Meaning that all of his cases that were to be heard on Friday have to be re-scheduled. In our case, AGAIN.

Again. And again everything’s up in the air. And again I’m bored out of my mind here at home waiting to go back to work.

And besides, I’m poor. :o)

I just miss the whole environment at work. We all got along well in the lab, except when we had Miss Lazy Pants there, but she wasn’t there for very long. We all had a rapport going on, and I miss everyone that works there. I had finally found a job where I felt respected, where my opinions and ideas were sought after, where I felt I could make a difference. And my company is in the business of keeping people safe, so I felt that I was doing something to make the world a better and safer place to be.

No wonder all my nails are bit down to the quick.

In other news, my baby kitten is now twice as big as he was when he arrived on our doorstep four weeks ago. So now he’s two and a quarter pounds, and I think that if he would sit still long enough, you could actually SEE him growing. He’s growing that fast. :o)

Thankfully he’s still absolutely adorable. :o)


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