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A Brit in an American body 22 August 2002

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I swear I should have been born in the UK. Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the USA. I’m fiercely proud to be an American, and always have been. It’s hard not to be when almost everyone in your family has served the nation’s military.

But I have always loved British comedy, and now that I have digital cable, I am always glued to BBC America. I have this one show that I always watch called Ballykissangel, about a town of the same name in Ireland, and it’s one of those towns where everyone knows everyone else and everyone else’s business. :o) Oh, and Father Ted — do NOT watch that show if you’re really into Catholicism. It’s about three priests sent to the boondocks of Ireland for various reasons, and it’s rather blasphemous. But it’s HILARIOUS, and since Kurt doesn’t like organized religion, he loves that show. And my most favorite show — Ground Force. A gardening crew goes to someone’s house, re-designs their garden in two days, and surprises the person who lives there.

At least it’s better than watching Jerry Springer and soap operas!! :o)


I have a question. I have had all sorts of guy friends in my life. I don’t even hang out with them anymore — I just mainly talk to them over IM. There’s one thing that most of them share — all they want to talk about is the fact that there aren’t any “good women” left. All the good women are taken.

Now I don’t mind having these guys (all two or three of them) talk about what they’re feeling with me, but does it have to be a constant?! I mean, all they want to talk about is there aren’t any good women left! But the problem with that is they’re the kind of guys that aren’t doing anything to go out and meet any women. And I get tired of our ENTIRE conversations revolving around the lack of women. The US is something like 51% female — I’m sure there are one or two women out there they could date. In other words, I wish they would get out there and quit whining about it!! :o)

Kurt started school today. Don’t worry — I didn’t drive him to school and pack his lunch for him. :o) He’s taking calculus five days a week early in the morning so all the high school kids can take calculus before they get to university. He’s worried about it, but I think he’s going to be fine. I passed calculus both in high school and college (barely…), and he’s WAY better than I am in math. I’ve never been a math whiz… :o)


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