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C. waters a plant 24 August 2002

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I was just surfing around on the ‘net tonight and chatting with my mother online. I am honestly trying to get back into being able to spend more than five minutes online checking my email. I mean, it’s not called the “World Wide Web” for nothing. Then again, since I’m not interested in viewing nekkid ladies or various weird sex acts involving odd instruments with the occasional animal thrown in, I guess that does limit me somewhat.

I still ought to be able to find SOMETHING.

So I went checking other people’s diaries here on diaryland. I actually looked at Sinnamon’s diary that I haven’t seen for months, read some entries, and was highly amused. Especially her rant concerning Grand Theft Auto III. It’s rated M for Mature. Don’t buy it for kids. You buy it for your little kid, you reap the problems it causes. As the Eagles would say, “Quit your bitching.” Loosely quoted, of course.

I also looked to see if my best friend had updated, which she hasn’t, but that’s ok. I just happened to notice the title of her site — the bar at the top of your web browser that tells you what site you’re at. And hers reads, “You need your plants watered? How about your fake ones?”

That’s a really old story between us that I shall share with you, my readers. All two of you. No, wait — three. Don’t mean to leave out my hubby.

But anyhow, back when we were in eighth or ninth grade, C. had me over for a sleepover. I actually went over to her house for sleepovers rather frequently, about the only person I ever really did that with. Sometimes she’d play piano for me (especially this one song by Richard Marx) because she’s GOOD, or we’d just try to stay out of the way of her younger sister and her friend, who was kind of… strange.

One afternoon, I think it was, C. and I were wandering around trying to find something to do when we heard her father calling her. (Her father’s got a really distinctive voice, and though I haven’t talked to him in over ten years, I can still hear the way he talks.) We went down to the kitchen, and he asked C. why there was water all over the floor. She told him she’d watered the plant. He wanted to know which one. She told him the one on top of where they kept their rice.

At which point, he said, “C!! That’s a fake plant!!! And we’ve had it for years!!!!”

It still makes me giggle ten years later. She’s a wonderful woman, very sweet-hearted, kind, considerate, the bestest friend a person could have. But she’s just prone to silly things happening to her like that.

Maybe one day I’ll tell you all about the time that I was able to back her into a corner, tickling the air in front of her and not even touching her, and her just busting out laughing uncontrollably.

Maybe not. :o)


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