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Not very optimistic 28 August 2002

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I just got a letter from a friend of mine going to law school in NYC. I have explained to him all the stuff going on in my company, and the optimism that my boss has for winning our case because what the other side has done is so very illegal. Unfortunately, my friend is not nearly as optimistic.


He writes, “I must say that, from my looking at cases for the past weekend, one should never expect it to be ‘obvious’ to a judge that a person is ‘outside the law.’ The law is a complex thing, and a skilled lawyer is a thing to be feared. I’ve seen cases where the defendant is committing fraud be thrown out because the plaintiff does not have the right to bring the suit. Sometimes, only certain people have ’cause’ to sue, and sometimes, the law is not as clear as it could be on the issue. I worry very much about this upcoming case, and not just because the judge is having sudden renal failure on you. Do not bet on a favorable ruling! Your friends are dealing with people sitting on a lot of money and with a lot to lose. There will be a fight.” (The italics and bold emphasis are his.)

How very reassuring, yes?

Oh my goodness. I certainly hope that it’s not as bleak as he painted it to be. It’s not just the lab personnel which are depending on this ruling. Frack is probably going to teach for this coming school year, and I could certainly get another job doing SOMETHING. Actually, my boss would probably start another company and take me with him, but that’s another story. The whole rest of the company is just waiting until the folks who ought to be running the company come back. They could get other jobs, but they love the people in charge — it’s an extended family, my company.

At least I can be reassured that if the other side does win, I have a feeling that many of the key people at the company will suddenly find they have many other job opportunities to choose from.

Speaking of the other folks at work, I called my “mom at work” last night. I love Miss Laura. :o) We talked on the phone for over an hour and a half, about all kinds of things. I got kind of annoyed at her when she told me she drove up to Philadelphia all by herself, leaving at 2am early Saturday morning, and then deciding to make the drive home at 10pm that same night. She didn’t get back to her home till after 4am, and she fell asleep on the way back a couple of times. VERY scary. The next time she wants to go to Philly, she’s going to be bringing me! :o) The most exciting thing is she invited me to go to dinner with her and another co-worker that we’re close friends with. So I’m going to surprise Miss E. by just showing up for dinner that night!! I can’t wait — I haven’t seen them since early June. Plus it’s a good thing for me to get out of the house. I’ve been stuck inside for too long.

It’s RAINING!!! I’m so very excited about that. Drought sucks.

We went to Walmart today to pick up some sewing supplies, and I was very bad and decided to teach myself to crochet. I thought I could make my hubby an afgan to take with him on deployment. Unfortunately, it’s not very easy to teach yourself how to do something when you’re a visual learner. :o) I think I’m just making the stitches too tight. I don’t know, though. I’ll figure something out.


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