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Engagement anniversary 4 September 2002

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Yesterday was Kurt’s and my one-year engagement anniversary. Labor Day last year he took me out to a fancy restaurant, plied me with gourmet seafood and wine, then took me out for a walk along the banks of the river and asked me to marry him. It was quite romantic, let me tell you.

So to celebrate, on Monday night we went to an all-you-can-eat seafood restaurant forty miles away. I stuffed myself on crab legs, fried clams, crab cakes… YUM. Kurt almost put the restaurant out of business, but we left before that could happen.

Only then the one and the only Miss Liad called my cell and wanted to know where the hell I was. She’d just gotten into town and wanted to see me. So I turned around as soon as I could and headed back into town to get me some Liad-lovin’! Heh.

Then she decided she wanted to go freak out the current members of our sci-fi club in college, known as skiffy. So we went to the meeting, were quite loud and obnoxious (at least I was), and admired the tiny and adorable little freshmen that we were hoping to frighten. :o) I think we accomplished our mission quite well!

It was fun being back, but also a little strange. Miss Liad had always been a great friend to me, but there were those that were there that I had let the friendship lag a bit, and I felt a little bad about that. Then there were the spirits of folks there that I wasn’t interested in keeping up a friendship with for one reason or another, so I was also a little uncomfortable there. It was a strange mix of feelings.

It was also in stark contrast to the night I had previous to that. We’d been invited over to our friends’ house to help them celebrate their daughter Savannah’s second birthday, and we were the only ones there without kids. We’d known Savannah since she was just a few days old, so I guess that’s why we got invited. Also, I managed to pick out a kick-ass present for her — a small Dora the Explorer doll that was a huge hit with all the party-goers as it was a Dora the Explorer birthday party. :o)

I loved the party — Kurt got to grunt with all the manly sailor husbands, and I got to chat with the wives about husbands and house-cleaning and kids. Of course, being ONLY 23, I was officially dubbed the “infant” since all the women were a good ten years older than me, but I still got along well with them.

The last couple with kids left the party at 10pm (we’d gotten there at 2pm and were the first to arrive), and we thought we’d head on out too. But our friends WANTED us to stay, I’m not sure why. :o) So we watched a little of O Brother, Where Art Thou? and then they put in A Beautiful Mind. What a GREAT movie. And I want to see the rest of O Brother, Where Art Thou? So we ended up staying till after 2am — over twelve hours there. I would have thought they’d get tired of us!! :o)

The rain has stopped. That’s not good because there’s no rain in the forecast for us, and in another week or so we’ll be right back to where we were before we got a week of rain. Drought SUCKS. Grrr.

And today is my stepdad Kevin’s FORTIETH birthday!! Happy birthday!!!

Tee hee… I can’t wait till he gets the card I got for him. *giggle*


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