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Babies and friends 23 September 2002

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Saturday while I was out, my boss called me to tell me that my other boss Tesfa’s wife had her babies!! Twin sons! The only thing is I’m positive that she was due in late November, early December, because there’s another girl at work who got pregnant just about the same time and she’s due in early December. But apparently, even though they’re really premature, the babies are doing well. They’re Josef and Daniel, and one was two pounds and some ounces, and the other was a little smaller. My boss wasn’t sure exactly how big the other one was because Tesfa was so distracted by everything that he gave the weight in metric, and when my boss tried to convert it to pounds, it came out to be more than two pounds. So we’re guessing he gave us the wrong weight. The smaller baby was on a ventilator, but I was told that he’ll be coming off the ventilator today because it appears that he no longer needs it, so the babies will spend probably a month in the neonatal intensive care unit. But with as optimistically as everyone’s been talking, I’m sure they’re going to be just fine. Poor Tesfa — he thought he had a few more months yet!! Now he’s got two baby sons!!!

Last week I was bumming around on the internet, trying to catch up on diaries that I haven’t read in months, when I got an IM from a screenname I recognized but hadn’t heard from in more than a year! She and I started chatting, and after a while I opened up and told her about all the crap that was going on a while back. And the worst part of it all, had I gone to her while all this crap was going on, I would have had some support. But I thought she was angry at me for another reason, and I had put her out of my mind. She had stopped talking to me on IM, as well as her boyfriend. But she and I had a great talk last week, over two hours, and then later in the day I talked to her boyfriend again for the first time over a year. I feel that I have some friends again, and it’s a really good feeling. I may have to go visit them at some point.

There’s one girl that I got to be good friends with at the end of my senior year. She and I were in Folk Dance I and II together, and when my roommate and I took Folk Dance I we thought she was really snobby. It turned out that she was one of those people who is just wonderfully and genuinely sweet to everyone, which I found out the next semester. So we’d talk, and we were in another class together and we’d sit next to each other and keep each other up to speed with the notes. We studied for the final together, and she even invited me over to her house the night before the exam. But once I graduated (she opted for December graduation so she could graduate with honors) I pretty much lost touch with her. I invited her to my wedding, but there were scheduling issues and she wasn’t able to come. Since then I haven’t heard from her… we’ve pretty much fallen off with the emails and such. I think I’ll email her today. I’ve had good luck with former friends lately — maybe my luck will hold! :o)


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