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Practice run for Thanksgiving 6 October 2002

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I am so frickin’ tired of summer!!! It’s October, y’all! Time for sweatshirts and changing leaves, brisk breezes and clear starry nights. But do we have any of that now? Hell no. It was 93 degrees yesterday downtown. Ninety-three. This week is going to have highs in the 70s. But I’m still waiting for nights going down to the 50s, and days with highs in the 60s.

It’s been summer for six months. Our first heat wave of 2002 hit in April. Mid-April, I believe, before I had gotten my summer clothes out of storage. We had an entire week of highs in the 90s, which is definitely unseasonable weather even here in the South. Then all summer, very little rain, high humidity, and heat waves. Now it’s October, six months later, and we still have to run the air conditioner some days! Grrr.

I want FALL!


Yesterday we went to the Fall Festival of Folk Life, my mother and Kurt and I. The only problem was getting to her house… it took us well over an hour because the off ramp to her house is just after the one used for the festival, and it took us half an hour to move about three miles.

But the festival was so much fun!! There was just so much to see. We’d gone to festivals downtown before, but since the land they have to devote is so small, the downtown festivals aren’t much. This festival took place in a huge city park, and we were there for about three hours, just looking at all the booths. We didn’t even look at all of them, just glancing at some (because some of the booths get repetitive). Momma and I knew it wasn’t a good place to go for us since we wanted to buy almost everything that was for sale! :o)

They also had dancers there from various groups, and we sat and watched most of the Native American dances. I was amused by the way that the dancers referred to non-Native Americans as the “Europeans” instead of using the term “white people.” I guess everyone’s getting more PC these days. The dances they did were really cool. The group was inter-tribal (my boss tells me there isn’t enough Native Americans in this state to have a recognized tribe… small wonder since the Europeans ran the Native Americans out about three hundred years ago), so when they had men dancing the traditional men’s dance, the men used different styles of dance and you could compare them as they danced.

But Momma and I were good… Momma because she didn’t bring any money save the $5 for parking, and me because I only brought $20 which bought Kurt and me some food and Momma a $3 bottle of Pepsi (food prices were EXORBITANT) because she wanted to save her appetite for dinner.

Which, by the way, was what Kurt and I teasingly called her trial run for Thanksgiving. My in-laws are coming for Thanksgiving, and now that my mother has a new house which is plenty large for the six of us for the holiday, we volunteered her to host it. Aren’t we kind? I would hate to squeeze six people into this tiny apartment for any kind of dinner, let alone a holiday one. But last night Momma roasted a stuffed chicken, which was oh-so-juicy, and we had corn and mashed potatoes (which I made), and cranberry sauce. Quite the holiday fete. :o)

I can’t wait till Thanksgiving!!!


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