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Anti-Yankees 8 October 2002

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Okay, I know that’s old news by now, but I forgot to mention it in my last entry.

See, since my team, the Baltimore Orioles, COMPLETELY fell apart after the All-Star break, which is par for the course for the last couple of years, I really don’t care who goes to the World Series.

As long as it’s NOT the Yankees.

It’s not like I’m a Mets fan, heaven forbid. I don’t like ANY National League team. Hell, I don’t even like the National League. But I’m so sick and tired of the Yankees being on top. SHARE, people, SHARE!!!

And the other thing that gets me about the Yankees is it’s now trendy to like them. Or at least spend a few hundred dollars on trendy ballcaps and jerseys. If you ask ten people wearing Yankees apparel who their favorite player on the team is, five of them won’t know any players, and four will name off one of the more famous guys, like Derek Jeter. Ask those four what position Derek Jeter plays, and none of them will know. (I don’t know either, but then I don’t profess to be a Yankees fan.)

If you’re going to like a team, for Pete’s sake, like them for their playing ability; like them for the guys on the team; hell, like them for their uniforms!! Just don’t like them because it’s trendy.

*Cue Offspring here…* “I’m not a trendy asshole, do what I want, do what I feel like. Don’t give a fuck, if it’s good enough for you!”


So anyhoooo… The high today is in the sixties. This is what I’m talking about!! I’m just so ready for the fall — partly because Kurt and I spent our honeymoon in Richmond, and it was so very fall-like there. So every time I smell burning leaves and feel the crisp breezes, it reminds me of our honeymoon, and thereby our wedding. Our wedding day was warm, though, about 75 degrees and sunny. Oh boy, was it sunny. In all our my wedding photos, everyone’s trying so hard not to squint their eyes closed, but it’s awfully hard not to. I think everyone started tearing up after a few shots.

I woke up this morning and it was coooooold in the bedroom. Now my feet are cold, and I haven’t even got the air on. Which is good, because $100+ electricity bills are BAD.

I know I haven’t talked about my company lately, but there’s been no new news. Again, our court date was pushed back, so we’re going to court this Friday. I’m going to my boss’s house again tomorrow to help him with his computer (he has many computer issues). I asked him on the phone what he’s working on, and he told me he’d show me when I came over. Some days I wish they all would just give up and start a new company. It gets boring doing nothing all day…


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