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Still shaking… but I’m ok 16 October 2002

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I think I’ve finally stopped shaking…

Kurt and I went out to the commissary to get a few things, and I dropped him off at work. As I was coming home, I looked in my rear view and saw a sheriff’s car in the other lane behind me right as I went through a yellow light. So I’m thinking that he’s going to pull me over and warn me about doing dangerous stuff like that.

I get to the intersection where I turn right to go into my apartment complex (let’s say I’m on Street A and turning onto Street B), and I thought to myself that since the light is red, I’ll go ahead and turn right to go into the Food Lion parking lot because I forgot freezer paper at the commissary. Having thought this, I saw a four-door Chevy Cavalier plow right on through the red light.

The Cavalier got t-boned by a Dodge Intrepid who was going straight across on Street B, which then forced the Intrepid over to his left, hitting a blue van waiting to turn left onto Street A. The Cavalier swerved to the right and ended up jumping the median and plowing into the rear driver’s side of the blue van. That poor blue van, just minding its own business waiting its turn, got smacked by both cars.

And I witnessed it all.

Let me tell you it scared the crap outta me. My heart started to pound, my pulse was racing, and I was shaking so badly my knees hurt for a while afterward.

I pulled over to the side, put on my hazards, and with great relief saw the sheriff that I had been thinking was going to pull me over a few streets back pull over to investigate the accident. The woman in the Cavalier jumps out of her car, screaming immediately that it wasn’t her fault, that light HAD to have been green.

Well, if it was green, lady, neither the Intrepid nor the blue van would have been moving!!!

The sheriff looked rather bored at the whole proceeding, which I don’t really blame him as the Cavalier driver immediately assailed him with reasons why she wasn’t at fault. I don’t think he was able to handle the report because he radioed in for a city cop, who arrived a few minutes later.

Luckily, everyone appeared to have been all right. It could have been MUCH worse. The Cavalier woman had a baby in the backseat, and freaked out that he was hurt, so a fire truck and an ambulance was called out. The baby was fine, though. The guy driving the Intrepid wasn’t quite so lucky — he complained of pain in his knee. The two women in the blue van were fine also, but they had just gotten their van fixed up and painted from the last time they were hit, which also wasn’t their fault as it was hit while they were parked.

Poor ladies.

The woman at fault just drove me nuts!! She came up to me, asked if I were a witness, and when I said yes, she informed me the light was green. I just listened to her for a few minutes until she asked me if the light was green. I just said, “No, ma’am, it was red.”

She’s screwed.

She just continued to yell and scream and holler, crying so hard that her mascara was all over her face. She wanted me to reassure her that it was ok, that everyone knew it was an accident, that she didn’t mean to do it, that she was still a good girl. I’m not much one for stroking someone’s ego, so she didn’t stay around me much. I had nothing to say to her. She was at fault, and I wasn’t going to pet her and make her feel all better. There isn’t much excuse for running a red light, especially with a two-year-old in the car!

I wrote out a statement for the cop, who didn’t want to be there, and he sent me on my way. Luckily, it was a cold day or my milk would have spoiled in the forty-five minutes I was out there. The cop told me I may get subpoenaed if it goes to civil court, but that I probably won’t get subpoenaed for the criminal action. Damn.

A guardian angel was watching over everyone today, lemme tell ya!


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