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Sniper rage and frustration 23 October 2002

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Now I know a way to help me with my little paranoia problem. Jennah signed my guestbook with a suggestion that when I start to imagine the nasty things that could happen to me, just imagine turning off my imagination, like turning off a switch. I think that may actually work, as silly as it may sound, and I will definitely try it. I’ll let you know how things turn out.

Back to the sniper issue, so I can rant about the idiocy of the media. I watched the press conference with Chief Charles Moose from the Maryland police force yesterday, and the journalists just kept asking the dumbest questions!!! I understand they’re there to get a story, and it’s their way to make a paycheck, but cut the man some slack!! It’s like the journalists that were out there don’t really care if they jeopardize the investigation or not, that the public has a constitutional right to all the information they could possibly glean from the cops, that it is the journalists’ duty to harangue the folks with the information so that all people may share in it.

Well, guess what?? BULL!! We do not have a right to all of the information, especially when our having the information could lead to more deaths!

Remember during WWII, the posters that read “Loose lips sink ships”?? People didn’t want to have the information back then because it was less information that could be leaked to the enemy.

And the journalists that attended Chief Moose’s noon press conference yesterday just kept harping on one thing — the folks in Ashland, VA, were told that the sniper made a direct threat on the children. Could Chief Moose elaborate on that? Chief Moose said no, it was not the appropriate forum to discuss it. Well, then, why are the schools closed in Ashland and they aren’t in the DC metro area?? Aren’t the children at risk? Don’t you think the parents have the right to protect their children if a direct threat has been made??

For God’s sake, people, take your heads out of your asses!!! Chief Moose clearly stated that ALL people are at risk because the sniper has killed all races, all genders, all ages. And harping on a question isn’t going to trap a smart man like that into answering it.

The media just wants us to be scared. I’m not saying that people in the DC metro area shouldn’t be scared, but our local news anchors don’t need to be fueling the fears down here by asking as a lead-in to the news, “Could the DC area sniper strike in this area?!” And the focus has been on FEAR. How many times does the media use the word FEAR in their reporting? “Fear and frustration,” I’ve heard, so many times.

And those analysts?! My GOD, someone stop the world, I want to get off!! That’s why I don’t like watching CNN anymore. Those analysts are trying to figure EVERYTHING out when they really have no more information that the rest of the world. And most of the time, they end up putting more FEAR into their audience, like the ex-cop from New York who showed how easily someone could hide a semi-automatic weapon under their leather jacket, and walk away from a scene as calm as could be.

I know the cops are going to find the sniper. I have faith in our law enforcement, and get rather annoyed when the media keep harping on what may look like mistakes to average folks just to make the cops look like they don’t know what they’re doing. They do know what they’re doing.

And they will catch whomever is responsible for these cowardly actions.


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