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Fall leaves 12 November 2002

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It is DEFINITELY fall now. It’s been warm the last couple of days, but for a while there the high temperature would hit maybe 60 degrees. I was loving it, and so was Kurt. If it got stuffy in the house, all we had to do was open the windows a little bit, and the lovely scent of fall would come into the apartment and cool things down a bit. The last two days have been in the 70s, but we opened the door to the balcony and put up the screen so the cats wouldn’t get out, and it was cool enough in the house. I love fall, I really do.

Aren’t the trees pretty?? I have been taking so many photos of the trees down here because the ones in the apartment complex are the prettiest, I think. The leaves nearest the trunk are still green, but the uppermost leaves are the most beautiful and vibrant red. I’m not sure if the photo I posted can fully show the vibrancy of the leaves. And when we were coming home from running errands today along the highway, the differences in the colors of the leaves was just striking. Golds, oranges, crimsons, yellows… very little brown. Everything is so bold and vibrant this year. And it’s strange, because I thought the leaves just go a dead brown when the trees have been through a summer drought. Not this year!!

It’s already halfway through November; it’s just hard to believe how quickly time has passed. I’ve been not working for five months already… seems like it was just a few weeks ago I put in my resignation. I talk to folks every so often — Laura calls me every couple of weeks to see how I am, and she’s even been to the house so I could help her son with a science project. I went out with the girls from work about a month ago, but I haven’t heard from any of them since. I don’t talk to my other lab cohort, simply because we never really had anything in common anyhow. And I get tired of hearing her say how much she needs money. We ALL need money… My boss and I get together every so often, not so much now that his wife is back from her extended trip to Bulgaria. And my other boss’s wife gave birth to twins almost two months ago now, and he’s really busy with them.

It’s sad, though, because I so enjoyed my job. I was really amazed that everyone was so willing to ask me for advice and answers to their questions. I’d show up for work, and the moment I walked in the door, I had people almost lining up to ask me things, even before I was able to clock in! I felt really necessary to the company, and that I was making a difference since my company was in the safety business. I know things are rough for them — so much they don’t know how to do because I took that knowledge with me. But really, it’s their own fault. First, for firing the founders of the company. And secondly, for not having any back-ups for all the stuff that I carry around in my head. So I have very little pity for them.

I just hope I can find another job I would enjoy so well.

But right now I am very busy, strange as it may seem. I’ve got my head full of things to do before I go to Florida to see my sister, mostly things that have to be done before my in-laws get here a couple of days after I return from the Sunshine State. I need to plan for Thanksgiving and get all the stuff that Momma and I are making for dinner. I have to figure out what we’re doing when we take the in-laws to DC and whether we should come back Tuesday night or chance making it down I-95 on Wednesday. I have to get my eyes checked, and new glasses made and contacts ordered. I need to figure out where I should take Storm to get snipped because the vet charges $50 for a neuter where I can take him to the SPCA for $25, and he needs to get snipped ASAP. I think Karla, the big cat, is getting annoyed with being mounted by him while she’s trying to sleep. :o) Luckily, with as much traveling as we’re doing, we don’t have to worry about the animals. John will take Koolit, as usual, since he has his own three dogs, and our neighbors will come up and check on Storm and Karla every day. Too bad we can’t take them with us… The biggest problem is my father-in-law may be allergic to cats. Not good, seeing as I keep two. But we can hope.

Then I have all my stitching projects to work on. I’m making two bookmarks, one for each of two ladies that I really bonded with at work. They’re almost done, and then I need to get a smaller project so I can take that with me traveling. I bid on this GORGEOUS pattern on eBay last night with twelve minutes remaining, and I managed to snag it. Unfortunately, it’s too big for traveling. :o) But I need to stay off eBay’s cross stitch section. I could very well go broke there!

So you keep busy, and your mind doesn’t dwell on the fact that you’re a 23-year-old housewife who really needs to get a job. And so you don’t start having anxiety attacks about job hunting after the New Year.

Just the thought of it is turning my stomach as I write.



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