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Crystal clear vision…. for once 18 November 2002

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I’m waiting for a bid on eBay to come through as Kurt watches the rerun of ER when Lucy dies. I’m trying not to pay attention because I HATE this episode. I understand why the actress wanted to leave — she couldn’t grow in her role, and it wasn’t as fun as it had once been. But it was still really sad to see her go, as annoying as Lucy was when she first started.

I’m really hoping this bid comes through. Yes, it’s ANOTHER cross-stitch project — but hey, if I have to feel a compulsion to bid on stuff from eBay, at least I chose the inexpensive stuff!! :o) The last pattern I won last week I paid $6.56 for with shipping. Plus I got it super fast from the lady who was selling it. Of course, our mailman Barry had to come up to the door to deliver it, complaining that how is he gonna get this manila envelope into our box WITHOUT folding it, even though it has proclaimed all over it, DO NOT FOLD?! I was weirded out when I first saw it to begin with because it had my maiden name on it. Apparently, I have to fax Paypal my marriage license AND my driver’s license in order to change over my name with them.

Getting married can be such a hassle. :o)

The pattern I just won is a beaut — it’s a sampler showing a house at the top with sunlight streaming over it and a line of mailboxes separating the two alphabets. This new one I really want because it’s got a Native American brave at sunset in the shape of a flying eagle, and it’s done on midnight blue. It’s STUNNING. I was the first bidder on it, and I’m still the highest bidder, though another lady bid on it too. So I’m just waiting around with bated breath…. EEEEP!!

I got new glasses this weekend. I’d gone in to the optometrist at Walmart because they’d told me Tricare Prime would cover the eyeglass exam, and I’d have to pay for the contact lens exam. Fair ’nuff. I made an appointment for 11:30am, but I didn’t get seen until 12:30pm because there were three kids ahead of me. So much for appointments. But once I got in there, the optometrist and I had a grand ol’ time. She was about my age, she was married exactly one week before I was, and she married a sailor. So we had lots to talk about. She started off the exam with “Excuse me if I treat you like a five year old, but I just had three kids in a row!!” When she was giving me the follow-the-cap-with-your-eyes test, she sighed in relief and said, “Do you realize how long it took me to explain how to do this test to the little girl before you??”

Then she put that big eyeglass looking thing on my eyes and told me now it was time to play the game — and I said, “Let me guess: Better One Better Two”? I swear she was about to hug me. She almost did when I told her I’d brought in my contacts boxes so she could look at them and know my measurements. That poor woman. :o)

After it was all said and done, I went into the Walmart glasses place to put in an order. I told the saleslady that I need the cheapest glasses they’ve got since I rarely wear them — just first thing in the morning and right before I go to bed. (Nineteen minutes to go, and I’m still highest bidder.) But apparently I CAN’T get cheap glasses; my lens prescription is way too strong. Yay. I’m telling you — when I took the chart exam at the optometrist’s, I was rather frightened. I could read the second line down with my left eye (20/100), but I could only read the big ass E at the top of the chart with my right (20/200). Kurt thought that E was only there as a joke; he didn’t realize people were THAT blind.

The saleslady kind of steamrolled me once she got ahold of me. She chose some frames for me, and I loved the ones she chose, but I picked a different color. Then she set me up with special things on the frames, and the total came to $224, which isn’t that bad at all for glasses. Especially considering these glasses are rimless at the bottom and are usually more expensive. The glasses were to be ready for me by Wednesday, which was a little depressing since I would be in Florida then.

I was excited about getting them, but really only because I’ve had the same glasses for about four years. I’m excited about anything new. But I had little faith that I’d be able to see anything with my glasses. Even in high school before I was allowed to get contacts, I couldn’t see very well with glasses. I’d get a brand new prescription, new glasses, and I still couldn’t see more than 20 feet down the hallway clearly.

When they called Friday night while I was out to tell me the glasses were in, I couldn’t wait till Saturday to get them. I was impressed first off that they were ready in two days when I was told seven days at the outset. But then I put the new glasses on.

I swear I heard angels singing. :o)

I have never been able to see so clearly with glasses. Now I realize that all along I just haven’t had a strong enough prescription. I could see from the front of the vision center all the way to the back of Walmart to the Restrooms/Layaway sign, and it was crystal clear. In some ways, they’re even clearer than my contacts. So now I have a choice on what to wear. It’s the best $200 I’ve ever spent! :o)

By the way, Kurt and I are three for three today — the Titans won, the Buccaneers won, AND the Raiders won!!! WOO HOO!!!

Eight minutes….

Six and a half minutes…

Three minutes thirty-two seconds…

(And the sucky thing is I can’t even watch tv to distract me since Kurt’s watching ER and it’s at a gory part… ick.)

One minute fifty-seven seconds… and Lucy just died on ER… AGAIN…

WOO HOO!! I won the pattern for $5.25 with shipping!! YAY!!


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