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In-laws for the holidays 25 November 2002

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Good Lord, it’s bright at 7am!! The sunlight just streams into my apartment because it faces east. And guess whose side of the bed faces the window?? NOT the one who gets up at 7am every morning for his calculus class….

It builds character to get up this early. Or at least that’s what I keep telling myself… grrr.

Oh well.

See, I woke up at this ungodly hour this morning not because Kurt was in the process of waking up (he sits on the edge of the bed till he gets up enough gumption to actually GET up… sometimes I swear he’s fallen back asleep), but because I have SOOOO much to do. I guess it’s not really that much, but I did not a whole lot yesterday to get the house ready because I figured since I had to wait till today to do the laundry, I could also wait to finish getting everything ready. Plus I’m the best procrastinator I know. :o)

Plus I have a cross-stitch project I’m working on…

Kurt helped me a lot while I was in Florida; he steam-cleaned the carpets and vacuumed and scrubbed the floors, and even dusted although I hadn’t asked him specifically to do that. He’s very helpful. But we have to make sure the house is CLEAN (although I’m a pretty good housekeeper and my house is never dirty) because his dad is apparently allergic to kittens and I wanted to get rid of as much residual dander as I could. Plus our carpets were just DIRTY and they needed to be steam-cleaned anyhow. I’m trying to get everything as clean as possible so they don’t have to sleep in a hotel because of my dad-in-law’s allergies. To that end, the kitties are getting BATHS today. I’m a little scared of that. Storm had a flea bath when he was a month old, but he was small enough to hold in one hand at the time, and now he’s a lot bigger and a LOT wigglier. And Karla’s never had a bath. Wish me luck!!!

So my in-laws are coming tonight. I’m excited — my in-laws and I get along really well together. My sister says it’s because I only have brothers-in-law at this point; both of them are younger than Kurt and not ready to settle down. Although his youngest brother was engaged before we were, but that didn’t pan out. I’ve never even met that one, which I think is odd since we’ve been together for three years, and I’ve been home for Christmas going on three times now. He tends to use up his leave before Christmas rolls around, and he’s currently stationed in Japan. I’ll meet him eventually, I suppose.

Well anyhow…

I was in Florida all last week visiting my sister, which was really cool because I hadn’t seen her since July. And lately we’ve really been getting along, which hasn’t really described our relationship for a good chunk of our lives. It was hard because she was so much older than me (four years, and that’s a lot for siblings), and I got kind of bratty when Dad got custody of us when I was six. Plus when you’re six and your sister is ten, there’s not a whole lot you have in common. I guess we’re getting to the age where we can get along. She mentioned that she wished we were closer in age so that we could have shared a lot more, and I agree with that. I would have loved for her to still be in the house when it was time for Homecoming and Prom my senior year, so she and I could have gone shopping for my dress (instead of my stepmother… grr) and picked out my accessories — and I could have saved $60 because she would have done my hair!! :o)

But you can’t change the past, so we’ll just have to focus on the future.

Note to self: don’t have kids four years apart. Or at least, hope they’re of opposite genders. :o)

Anyhow, if you’re interested in what we did while I was there, my sister wrote a pretty good description in her journal.

Besides, I have to get my butt out of the computer chair and start getting ready.

So much to do, so little time!!! :o)


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