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A WHOLE inch of snow 24 January 2003

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Last night we got snow. Not a whole lot, just enough to dust the area with a lovely powder that covered most of the grass. Little bits of green-brown were still visible, however — just so you know how little snow we actually got.

School was cancelled today.

Now don’t get me wrong — sometimes I like it when school is closed because then chances are Kurt won’t work. The Navy isn’t too keen on making second shifters come to work when the schools are closed. First shift is another matter entirely.

Which means Kurt and I spent the whole day together.

Some days I love the Navy.

However, I just finished talking to one of my friends here in the area, and I asked her if her sons had school tomorrow.

The answer was negative.

Now let me explain. Virginia Beach MAY have gotten two inches to Portsmouth’s one. I am pretty certain Norfolk is also closed tomorrow, which means good ol’ P-town has probably climbed on the bandwagon and closed their schools as well.

I just checked The Weather Channel online, and apparently, though it is a bitter 13 degrees which feels like 2 degrees with the wind chill, we are not expected to get any more precipitation. Liquid or frozen. Tomorrow’s high is actually 33 degrees, which can be considered a heat wave, in light of more recent temps.

So why are the schools closed again???

I feel sorry for the parents, although I’m sure the kids are loving it. Two days off from school for one inch of snow. Gotta love the South.

* * * * * * * * * *

In other news, I am the proud owner of a pasta machine. WOO HOO!! Bed Bath & Beyond had one for $40, and I had a 20% off coupon, so I finally spoiled myself and got one.

Kurt’s brother, who’s a chef (at a five star restaurant called, of all things, “Earl’s” — you’d think it’d have a fancier name) got us this way cool book for Christmas about cooking techniques that shows how very easy pasta is to make from scratch. Ever since then I’ve wanted a pasta machine, simply because I hate to make anything involving a rolling pin. I don’t even own one.

I made my little mountain of flour (and a little salt), and created a well in the middle for the eggs, just like the pictures in the book. Only my flour walls decided to disintegrate on me, causing egg to go all over everywhere. Plus I needed another egg since I have large eggs and the recipe called for two extra large eggs. But finally I got it all together, and the recipe said you could either knead the dough by hand or with the machine, and I elected to do it by hand, simply because I had never done it before.

My pasta came out so very yummy, and I was completely impressed with how easy it was even after I thought I’d mucked it all up. So I very highly recommend getting a pasta machine because fresh pasta is soooo much yummier than dried pasta. Plus it’s not that much longer to make, especially with a machine, because dried pasta takes almost twice as long to boil as fresh pasta does.

Also Dr. K called me today to make sure I know about my going-away party. I was really shocked when he called because I have NEVER spoken to the man on the phone before — usually, if he wants to tell me something, he tells George, who then calls me. So now I have to figure out what to wear, what Kurt’s going to wear (I get to dress him on special occasions), and Kurt’s got to figure out what he’s going to make for everyone. We’re not supposed to bring anything, since we’re the guests of honor, but Kurt LOVES to cook for people and he doesn’t get the chance much. The only thing that worries me is a few people won’t be there due to the mess the company is still on. The guy that replaced me probably won’t be since another girl there tattled on him when she found out he was hanging out with all of us “ex-patriates,” and if that girl is there then another one of my close friends doesn’t want to risk coming and getting in trouble at work. So there’ll be a little pall thrown over the party if that happens — but we should still all have fun.

At least that’s the plan. :o)


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