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Navy wife 29 January 2003

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Kurt called me when I was out and about, getting Missy Liad her package in the mail and buying some greeting cards, and informed me that he’d have to work late tonight. I was pretty disappointed — I think it’s B.S. that he has to be there as much as everyone else when he’s transferring in a couple of weeks. There’s a term in the Navy: “short-timing.” It means that when you’re close to transferring, you are pretty much expected to do very little at your current duty station. When another man in his shop transferred a few months ago, Kurt sent him home every day because he was supposed to be short-timing it. I wish his work center supervisor (the man that took over from Kurt only a few weeks ago) would do the same.

But he was just messing with my mind. He told me he was on his way home since there was no work to be done in the shop.

And I tell ya, I’m really valuing all this time that I do have with him. Yesterday was the longest we’d been apart in a week — about six hours since he went to work and I went to my mother’s. It was really hard when we were both working, with my having to work 8-5pm and his working 3pm until at least 9 or 10pm. Now we have whole weeks where we spend all of our time together.

I know it sounds like we’re stuck up each other’s butts, but neither of us have outside friends that we’d want to hang around with. I went out with a friend of mine a week ago or so, and it was fun, but I did feel badly leaving Kurt by himself while I was out seeing a movie and eating at Olive Garden. I guess it just boils down to the fact that we’re each other’s best friends, and we’re the best company that we can find for each other. :o)

And I think I need to be very thankful for this time I have with him. In just a few short weeks, he’ll be flown out to the Persian Gulf to join his ship, leaving me to fend for myself in a strange town.

I don’t doubt that I’ll be able to handle it; I am a strong woman. I’ll be busy too, what with getting a house and setting it up, having my sister come to visit (hopefully for at least a few weeks), and just finding my way around a new place. Plus I’ve moved a fair amount in my life; it’s not exactly new to me, but every new location is exciting.

I will miss Kurt, though. Because he is my other half, most definitely.

But these are the perils of marrying a sailor!! I’m very proud of my sailor, that he is serving his nation in a way that most people our age refuse to. He’s already done ten years, and he’s pulling for at least twenty, until they make him retire.

And maybe growing up as a Navy brat just groomed me for being a Navy wife! :o)


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