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Wasting away again in Bahrain 16 April 2003

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So who decided to send my husband over to the freakin’ Gulf when his boat hasn’t gotten around to picking him up?!?! He’s just sitting there in Bahrain, doing whatever busy-work that base over there can find for them to do, and he’s sweating his balls off for nothing. Grrr. Not to mention that his allowances for housing and sea pay and all that good stuff that means we’ll get over $500 extra a month don’t kick in till he reports to the ship!! Which he can’t do because it’s not in port!! And it hasn’t been in port for the entire WEEK AND A FREAKIN’ HALF that he’s been away!!

OK, I feel slightly better now.

But I do have a mortgage payment; that extra money WOULD BE HELPFUL, PEOPLE!

Besides, the poor man is bored. And I know he’s not feeling wonderfully about life right now because he’s (get this) tired of the food over there already.

When Kurt’s tired of food, he’s not happy with life.

The man lives for food.

Poor guy.

And if he has to wait a week and a half for the boat to show up in port, or at least get close enough to shore so that he can grab a helicopter ride over, can’t he do it by my side?! Instead of thousands of miles away??


But I’m managing to stay relatively busy. My neighbor across the street, J., is doing a lot to keep me occupied and out of trouble. When I’m not with her, I’m stitching.

Oh, I was so bad. I bought YET ANOTHER leaflet off eBay. But I had to!! It’s all of antique cars, and my dad LOVES antique cars, and this sampler would look really good in his home office once he gets it remodeled.

Knowing my dad, I could have grown children before that’s accomplished.

When we first moved back into that house after living in the midwest for five years, my parents decided that remodeling the bathroom in the master suite would be a good idea. They tore the hideous wallpaper off the walls and ripped out the shower. They’ve replaced the shower — but that’s it. There’s still exposed drywall where they tore off the wallpaper, and areas where the wallpaper is still on the wall. I think the only reason the shower got replaced is because they got someone to do it for them. It’s been nine years since they moved back into that house — nine years of the bathroom being in a half-started state.

Actually, the bathroom they REALLY need to redo is the half-bathroom downstairs. They’ve replaced the sink in the “kids” bathroom upstairs, which is all fine and dandy, but the one downstairs is the one the company uses when they have people over for dinner. It’s HIDEOUS!! Everything in there is that horrid goldenrod color left over from the 70s. The toilet is goldenrod, the sink is goldenrod, and the wallpaper is a goldenrod background with tiny brown flowers marching up and down the wall. The floor is gold and brown tile. You open the door and just want to vomit, it’s that bad. Luckily, they keep the door to that bathroom shut most of the time. I don’t think they even notice how bad it is; my parents would rather have a bit of privacy when they go to the bathroom, so most of the time they’ll walk all the way upstairs and to the back of the house to their bathroom before they’ll use the little one downstairs.

Besides, they’re focusing on getting a retaining wall built so the house doesn’t fall down the ravine in the back. So Dad’s home office remodel won’t probably get started for quite some time.

I guess I’ll wait on starting that sampler. :o)


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