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Kurt’s on the ship 18 April 2003

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Ahem. Apparently, I yelled loud enough in my last entry to make the Navy sit up and take notice. About 5pm on Wednesday, Kurt called me (sounding TERRIBLE since it was 3am in Bahrain) to tell me he was taking a helicopter ride to his ship at 6am. Whew. I feel much better now.

But my husband is SUCH A DORK. I mean, I love him and all, even his dorkitude, but he’s still a dork. His first email to me once he got to the ship, he was so excited about the helicopter ride. Now he wants one of his own. I had to tell him we’re not getting a helicopter.


I have the weirdest hubby.

(Now I’m stuck talking on IM to an extremely drunk history major who’s been in college for six years now, talking about all sorts of things I don’t know about since I’ve been really bad and not keeping up to date with current events. Why me, Lord?!?!)

My real estate agent called me a few nights ago to check to see how I was doing. It was nice to talk to someone who’s missing her husband too — her husband is Kurt’s chief on the ship. She suggested I sleep with an electric blanket since I’m so used to Kurt providing most of the heat while we sleep. He would argue with that, as would my sister, since I’m usually referred to as “the hot water bottle” because I give off heat. But I can’t give off heat unless I’m warm, so there you go. Hence the warming blanket. And it has really done the trick!! It’s still cold here; Weatherbug says it’s 48 degrees right now, and the highs for the days are still 50-55 degrees. If it gets to 60, people start singing “Heatwave!!” and wearing shorts and tanktops. Brrr.

So now I’m sleeping fantastically because I’m warm again. And life is good. But I only have a warming throw, which is much smaller than a blanket. Apparently, it’s not warming blanket season because I’ve been to both Target and Walmart and they don’t have any!!! It’s still cold up here at night — bring back the warming blankets!!!

Maybe if I start yelling again, Walmart and Target will hear me and stock warming blankets just for me.

Hey, I can dream, can’t I?!

This morning I was laying in bed, enjoying my brand new mattress set (which is actually comfortable — a huge change from our not comfortable full sized bed set) and the warmth under the comforter, when the phone rang. I was awake. I WAS!!!! It was Heather, half of the couple that paid for our dinner the last night Kurt was here. She had the day off from school (she’s gone back to college), and she wanted to know if I wanted to do lunch. We went to the yummiest Mexican restaurant in the area, and she came up to my town, which I was worried about because I thought she lived closer to SeaTac. But she actually lives on our side of the Tacoma Narrows. Her kids are so cute!!! Her daughter, 15 months old, took to me immediately, and I carried her all around Walmart because she was fussing, being in the cart. I love other people’s babies. When they get annoying, I can just give them back!! :o) But we had a really good time. She’s a nice lady!

Enjoy your Passion Week, peoples!


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