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Jerseys and tee shirts 23 April 2003

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I had a tiny argument with Kurt over email the past couple of days. I actually wouldn’t call it an argument — he’s stopped being a complete butthead, so life is good.

Amongst all the other crap I get in one of my Hotmail accounts, I got the Mother’s Day edition to And even though the NFL, those commie bastards, have stopped carrying the women’s jersey, they have come out with something almost as good and a hell of a lot cheaper.

The lettuce-edged tee shirt.

I asked Kurt if I could get it ($19 is enough money to spend on one thing that I like to check with him — like he’s going to say no!! *wink*), and he responded with telling me I couldn’t get it simply because then I would have more Buccaneers apparel than he’s got Raiders apparel.


I reminded him that he’s got two long-sleeved Raiders tees (one white, one black) and two Raiders jerseys (Gannon, which I gave him, and Woodson, which he’s had for YEARS).

I, on the other hand, have only my Got Gruden? tee shirt and my Superbowl Champions tee shirt.

I was nice and failed to mention that HE didn’t have a Raiders Superbowl Champions tee shirt because the Raiders LOST.

Hee hee.

There’s a funny story to the Gannon jersey. I decided to get him a Raiders jersey the first Christmas we were together, but I didn’t know if he’d prefer a Gannon (quarterback) jersey or a Janikowski (kicker/punter) jersey.

In retrospect, we probably ought to have gotten the Janikowski jersey — we seem to like him better, and Kurt looks a hell of a lot more like Janikowski than Gannon. Janikowski is a big boy for a kicker — 250 lbs and six foot three or so. Just like Kurt. :o)

I didn’t want to come right out and ask him who he liked better or what jersey he wanted. It would spoil the whole surprise!!! So instead, I came up with what I thought was a clever plan — I asked Kurt that if he had a choice of inviting Gannon or Janikowski to Christmas dinner, who would he choose.

He chose Gannon.

Silly man.

So that’s how he ended up with the Gannon jersey.

The problem was, I bought an XL. I looked at his Woodson jersey (I can never remember if it’s Rod or Charles that’s the Woodson on his jersey — I think it’s Charles), which is an XL. Aha… but his Woodson jersey is a Puma, and the Gannon jersey is a Reebok.

I should have bought an XXL.

Fortunately, that was right around the time that Kurt lost about twenty pounds, so he fits into this jersey, but when I first got it for him, he looked pretty squeezed in.

At least when he wears his jersey, the sleeves end above his elbows.

On my Titans jersey, my sleeves go almost to my wrists. And it’s supposed to be short sleeved.

Anyhow, back to the Bucs lettuce-edged tee shirt.

So I downloaded a photo of it to email to Kurt because he doesn’t have internet access (although apparently now he does), and sent it off to him.

His response: “thats a kick ass shirt, you will look hot in it! get it get it get it.” Verbatim.


My hubby thinks I’m hot.

I may just have to invest the money in said shirt. I think I’ll wait till May, though. It’s not like it’s going to warm up in this godforsaken state till then anyhow!!!

And like the eternal optimist (having lived most of my life in hot, sticky, humid Virginia), I thought to myself as I unpacked from the move that since it was already past mid-March, I ought to pack away my winter clothes and get out my summer clothes.

Oh such a fool am I.

Currently, it’s 48 degrees, and the high today was a balmy 52 degrees. The warmest it’s been yet is 60 degrees, and I’m still running the heat in my living room during the day. Sweatshirts and long sleeved tees are the norm.

And I’ve got most of those packed away.

I suppose I need to make an emergency run to the garage.


Oh, and in the random trivia category, I found out today that my kitten can do something pretty cool. He can jump up high enough to get to the window inset of my front door, and hang on by the edges of his paws so he can look through the window.

Some days I think that cat is certifiably insane.


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