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They get ya coming and going 12 May 2003

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The upgrade to my printer is on sale for $100 at Target.

I bought my printer last September, and I don’t even remember where at this point, for $250. We saw it for $200 at Sam’s Club within a short time, but decided not to go through returning it and buying the Sam’s Club one. Too much hassle.

At some point, we mucked up the drivers to the printer, and now no longer are able to use the program that came with the printer for scanning and copying (it’s a printer/scanner/copier). It’s an Windows XP thing — sometimes if you lose a driver you have to reinstall Windows to get the driver back to its original state.

Damn Bill Gates.

I have yet to buy replacement ink cartridges for it, which shows how much I print. I actually copied an entire section of my Better Homes and Gardens cookbook for my sister when I first had it, but I still don’t need new ink.

Which brings me to the next question: do I buy replacement cartridges ($50 for an extra large color and $50 for two black cartridges, both at Costco), or do I buy a new printer??

Same price.

And that whole concept is really pissing me off. Companies will make something really cheap, but then they’ll stiff you on the replacement parts, so you’re stuck between buying the replacement part or just going with another new product.

I banged my head against that theory again tonight.

Since it’s sort of getting on towards summertime (although you wouldn’t know it by the temperatures here), I’ve been hankering after iced tea, which is usually the only thing I drink all summer, besides ice cold water. When we first got up here, I noticed the cracks in my iced tea pitcher that goes with my iced tea maker.

And may I point out that it’s iceD tea, not ice tea? You put the tea over ice, and therefore it’s iceD. If it were ice tea, you would brew it with ice, which doesn’t sound like it would work very well.

So I went online to try to purchase a new iced tea pitcher from the kind people at, but alas, they don’t sell things through their site. That would make too much sense. I did a search, found a few sites that sell replacement pitchers, and also had some online help from my good buddy and future law advisor, Ben.

The cheapest we found the said pitcher for was $13. Shipping for it was $7.25.

I can buy a whole new contraption, the pitcher with the iced tea maker, for under $20 at Walmart.

I am guessing a trip to Walmart is in my near future. And this time I’ll buy the iced tea maker that comes with an extra pitcher!!!


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