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Men are always at fault 1 June 2003

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Ladies, do you have an obstreperous husband that you just can’t deal with anymore? Do you want to know the secret to dealing with all men, whether it be your significant other, your lazy brother, or your obnoxious coworker?

This applies to all women, but especially to newlyweds, who may not have figured out the secret to dealing with men yet.

What is that secret, you ask??

It’s quite simple, really. Men are always wrong.

Even when they’re right, they’re wrong. Trust me.

Kurt is definitely wrong in this case. He couldn’t be more wrong, even though it could be my fault. Grrr.

When Kurt and I realized that we would be driving ourselves and our three pets across the country from Virginia to Washington, we bought an Igloo Koolmate, which is this refrigerator type cooler than can be plugged into the cigarette lighter in the car and into a wall socket in a hotel room. This meant we didn’t have to deal with ice and the pain in the neck that can be.

It worked like a champ all the way across country. Our drinks were ice cold, and I was able to carry milk with us, as moo juice is one of my favorite beverages. We had only one problem with it, and that was when the fuse in the cigarette lighter cord blew. So we spent less than a dollar and replaced the fuse.

Once we got here and moved into our house, I asked Kurt to make sure it was drained of all water and cleaned up so it wouldn’t end up smelling funny while we stored it. This is the first situation where he is wrong. He didn’t do that. So when I was showing J. our nifty cooler, I opened it up, and there was all this water in the bottom and it smelled funny. It’s ok, though — I’ve had it open for a couple of weeks and there’s no smell. And I cleaned it too. Some things you just can’t trust to the male of the species.

Then J. told me she’s going to Disneyland this month, and when I told her that I have this nifty cooler, she sounded pretty interested. So I told her I would lend it to her as soon as I found both cords. There’s one cord for the household current and one cord to plug into the cigarette lighter in your car. Kurt had packed the one cord in the cooler before he left, but I could not for the life of me find the cord for the household current. I even went online for replacement parts, and apparently this is not a replaceable part. I kept looking and looking, and today I even spent over half an hour just looking for this one cord in the garage.

As I was looking all over the garage, I found the owner’s manual to the cooler. I started reading it just for grins and chuckles when I came across the part dealing with the two cords. It mentioned plugging the cigarette lighter cord into the two prongs on the cooler itself, and the household current cord into the three prongs near the cigarette lighter prongs.

THREE prongs?? I was looking for another two-pronged cord!

So I did what I should have done at the start… I looked at the plugs for the cords. Sure enough, one was two-pronged, and the other one looked like it took a smaller version of a computer’s power cord.


I realized right then that the cord I was looking for had been sitting all this time in plain sight on my sewing table in the office. I took my happy ass down there, and sure enough, there was the cord.

And it’s all Kurt’s fault because he never told me it was a different type of cord!!!


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