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*gasp*… need… air… conditioning…. send… water…. 6 June 2003

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It is so freakin’ hot here. It’s not supposed to be hot in the Northwest (notice the absence of the world “Pacific.” I encourage you to emulate me, and maybe one day we’ll be rid of the superfluous “Pacific”)!!! Someone get me some freakin’ AIR CONDITIONING!!!

Actually it’s not so much for me as for my dog. I’m ok with it. I can drink gallons of water and minimize my activity level so that I’m comfortable in 90-plus heat without air conditioning. My dog can’t regulate himself as well — he can’t take off his fur and change into something less warm. He’s been panting non-stop since I got home, and it doesn’t help that the folks in the neighborhood have decided to start preparing for the Fourth of July with their reservation-bought firecrackers. I guess since we live on a reservation it’s not against the law to set them off here. The problem is Koolit is deathly afraid of firecrackers and thunder, so the poor baby shook for a couple of hours.

Thankfully, even though it was over 90 degrees today, it’s heading down into the 50s for the overnight low. So I should be able to sleep in relative comfort. And, when my heat-loving sister comes to visit next week, the highs will be in the 70s. Doesn’t it just figure?! :o)

Yesterday was quite a scary experience. J. and I were at her kids’ school to do an activity, and right as she finished handing me down the wheelbarrow from the back of her truck, I glanced down to make sure it was on the ground fully. Next thing I know, Judy’s on the ground screaming in agony. Apparently she twisted her ankle as she was stepping out of the back of her truck, and as she grabbed behind her to try to catch herself, she broke her wrist. The ambulance came and everything. The cool part is it was her left wrist (she’s right handed), and also that it’s just her wrist and not one of her legs. She can handle a cast on her arm for a few months better than a cast on her leg. Poor lady.


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