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Excellent visit with Chele 23 June 2003

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OK, so I know I totally suck for not updating while my sister Michele was here, but we were entirely too busy!! :o) We did so much stuff, and I’m hoping she had a good time.

Most days, we’d get ready around each other, which is a lot easier than it sounds, and head out to do something. Most of the time, it was shopping, but we got some GREAT deals. About the only thing I paid full price for over the last two weeks were the jeans I bought today, and that’s because they’re the greatest pair of jeans in the world — Lane Bryant’s stretch bootcut jeans, and these ones were the distressed finish that isn’t carried at my local Lane Bryant. I can tell you I’m completely shopped out for the next couple of months, though. :o)

It’s no fun anyhow shopping alone.

That’s the worst part about Michele leaving. We had such a good time together, which isn’t always easy for us because we are so different. Even though we’re full blood sisters (which most people don’t believe because we look NOTHING alike), we were pretty much raised in two different households. She was raised mostly by my mother, and I was raised by my father and stepmother. And with the difference in our ages (four years), we’re really quite different. But this holiday together went quite smoothly, and both of us were nice to one another. :o)

But Michele is going back to her husband Ben. I, however, will again be left alone here in my house. It’s weird being without her because we spent every moment together. We even shared a bed — I mean, we are sisters!!!

I try not to say anything about how much I miss Kurt because I don’t want to be one of those Navy wives who just complain all the time and no one wants to be around. But it’s not easy being without your husband, especially when you haven’t been separated since you were dating. A lot of people like to tell me, “Well, you knew he was a sailor when you married him.” Of course I did. But does that mean that I’m not entitled to my feelings of loneliness, or that I should have denied the fact that Kurt is my soulmate just because he’s in the Navy??

And here’s a thought for you — when a man dies of lung cancer because of his cigarette smoking, do you say to his widow, “Well, you knew he was a smoker when you married him?”

It is pretty much the same thing. I have the same ache of lonesomeness, although fortunately my husband is coming back.

And another thing: to all of you folks who want to know when Kurt is coming home, the short answer is:


So don’t ask.

I keep asking him, but apparently he doesn’t know either. Neither does his captain. I don’t want to get into it because I already fussed at him over AIM earlier today, but let’s leave it at he’ll be home when he gets home.

Do you have any idea how very frustrating that is?!


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