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No news yet 7 August 2004

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We still have no news regarding whether Kurt will even be allowed to come home when he’s done with his coursework, which is slightly frustrating. The only reason why it’s not more frustrating is because he takes his last exam no later than Tuesday of this coming week. Apparently, his chain-of-command decided to hang onto his chit until they can send up his course average with the request so the uppers will have no reason to tell him he can’t come home. That’s the thought, anyhow. He wants to take his exam on Monday, if the instructor he has now can administer it, and he would love to be home by Friday. We’ll see how likely that is.

I am hoping he can take a week off when he comes home. He has 37 days of leave on the books now, so if he takes a week, he still has two weeks when the baby comes and another two weeks for Christmas if we decide to go to Tucson. Plus he makes two and a half days a month, so he’ll recover that week of leave by the time Christmas rolls around. Gotta love the military — where else do you get 30 days of vacation a year?!

I just really want him to be home with me for a little while, seeing as his commute is going to be somewhat ugly from here on out. That way we can finish getting things ready for the baby. The nursery is still the office, with the only changes in here being an armchair rocker that my friend was giving away free along with a closet organizer that is holding all the clothes I have bought or received so far. I still have to buy a bassinet for the bedroom and retrieve the crib that HC is giving us from her house. A changing table is another necessity we still have to buy, but I figured there was no reason to buy it till Kurt got home because he wants to put it together. Most of the time when we buy something that requires assembly, I put it together, but he thinks he can make the one we want more stable if he does it. It’s fine with me.

I already bought a travel system — the stroller with the infant car seat. The one I wanted I had researched on with all the customer reviews (a GREAT place to get reviews from real people on all kinds of things), and most reviews were very favorable. One lady, however, had a major issue with getting the car seat out of the base that stays in the car — every time she tried, she had to fight with it to pop it out of the car seat. Once I bought my travel system and put it together, I tried getting the car seat in and out of the stroller as well as the car seat base, and I have no problems whatsoever. Hopefully it will be that way when I have a baby to get in and out of the car. I just can’t figure out why that lady had such a problem with it, unless she didn’t realize the big red lever in the back releases the car seat from the base…

Hmm, well, I have just been informed that J, her kids, and I are going on the other side to go shopping, and we are leaving in half an hour. This means I have to get my tail off the computer and get some makeup on my face — not to mention trying to figure out what the hell I’m going to wear as I just put ALL of my maternity jeans in the wash, and my legs aren’t shaved to wear shorts!!

More updates later!


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