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Loud music, but in good taste 21 September 2004

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When we lived in the apartment in Virginia, I used to get so pissed off at my neighbors for their loud music. The guy downstairs from us would blast R&B at all hours of the day and night, and the guy upstairs would do the same with classic rock. It got pretty annoying.

I thought we left all that when we moved into this house. But we happen to live all of 50 feet from the house behind us, which actually faces the back of our house. And in that house lives a teenaged girl (daughter of Psycho Woman, for those of you that remember that entry), I think in ninth grade. So of course, she listens to her music at some highly loud volumes. When her window, which is in the front of her house, is open, and our back windows are open, we can hear her music clearly.

I should be pissed about that, yes??

But how can you be pissed when it’s music that I actually like?! One day I was puttering around the house when her music started up, and the longer I listened to the bass line, the more I thought I knew what it was. And sure enough, it was the band Sublime with their self-titled CD. I was completely addicted to that CD when I was in college and would listen to it nearly every day. Plus I know most of the words to “Caress Me Down,” even the Spanish ones. I knew my high school Spanish classes would come in handy! :o)

Tonight Kurt and I were sitting in front of the TV, and since our back door was open as well as the girl’s window, we were able to hear clearly what was on her CD player. And wouldn’t you know?! It was Bon Jovi’s “Runaway”! I mean, what are the chances that a 15-year-old girl would even have heard of Bon Jovi?? I don’t think my brother knows who they are, and then for her to be playing such an old song (which must be 20 years old by now) is just amazing to me.

So how could I possibly be mad at her playing loud music when she obviously has such good taste?!

Besides, she usually turns it down after 10pm, so I can’t complain too much. If our houses weren’t so close together, it wouldn’t be a problem at all.


No, I haven’t had the baby yet. Kurt and I keep talking to him and telling him that it’s okay for him to come out now. I try to entice him by saying he’s even got his own room all set up for him to occupy, but he seems rather comfy inside me still. Oh well. I’m sure once I have him, I’ll be ready to put him back!

I was supposed to have delivered by now, though — preferably by yesterday. The labor & delivery ward moved from the fourth floor to the fifth floor yesterday, which means that when the baby does decide to make his appearance, I’ll be in a temporary, jerry-rigged ward. That’s a bit frustrating, especially since there will no labor tubs for me to enjoy so I can hold off on getting an epidural. It’s not that I am against having one; I just would rather not. But the more I think about it, the more I think I probably will have to give in. We’ll just have to see once I am in labor — I seem to have a pretty high hurt tolerance, anyhow.

I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday, and it was the first one that I had gone to that I was actually checked. The only problem is I had to have a nurse-midwife that I hadn’t seen before. So we introduced ourselves, and then five minutes later she’s got her hand shoved in my private parts. How embarrassing. She told me that I was dilated to one centimeter (only nine more to go), but that my cervix wasn’t really ready. So hopefully my cervix will get ready soon, and I’ll continue to dilate and go into labor in the next week or so. This weekend would be a good time — Kurt’s supposed to get underway for a couple of days on Monday, so I’d really rather either have the baby already so he’s on baby leave, or have him be left behind so he can be sure to be at the birth. His ship is going out to the Pacific Ocean, and they don’t have a helicopter, so if I go into labor, he’s rather SOL for getting to the hospital.

I’m just getting really tired of waiting — especially since it’s not guaranteed that Kurt will be able to be there for the birth of his first child. And the sucky part is he’s not even deployed!! He’s just got a ship that’s got to get ready for sea, and they have to do testing for the next few weeks. This baby just has some insanely bad timing for being conceived and now for being born as well. I just wish I could be sure that Kurt would be here for the birth because I don’t want to do it alone.


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