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New photo of Grace 29 November 2004

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I suppose I ought to post another photo of my incredibly gorgeous baby girl. I would do so more often, but I never think to do so. Usually I just fling off a couple of emails to important people so they can see Grace, but it doesn’t occure to me to post anything here. Oh well. Here goes:

Ain’t she precious?! I propped her up in the corner of her chair just to rinse out one of her diapers, and she looks so very Zen in this photo. Maybe she’s waiting for one of her friends to pick her up so they can go party, or maybe she’s contemplating the meaning of life. I’m not sure, but she sure is cute!!!

So last night was the very first night we put Gracie to sleep in her crib in the nursery. It’s not so much that we were eager to get her out of our room, but since she sleeps for so long during the night, there’s really no reason to keep her in her bassinet next to us. Did I mention she sleeps 8-9 hours straight at night?! We figured that since she didn’t wake up and want us every couple of hours, we’ll just put her in her crib.

I think it’s going to work out better for us anyhow. We have forced air heaters in most of our rooms, except the nursery where we have a baseboard heater. The heater in the master bedroom is rather wonky, and I’m thinking we need a new thermostat control. But right now, it’s either broiling hot in the room or it’s frigidly cold. There’s no happy medium. The nursery’s baseboard heater keeps her room nice and toasty, and at a constant temperature too. This means she stays nice and warm all night, which wasn’t happening in our room. One morning when I got up to feed her, I had to change her first because she’d wet too much, and her skin was freezing. This morning when she woke up, she was warm to the touch, which is always a good thing.

For Thanksgiving, we had my in-laws come to visit. It was a good visit, and they absolutely adore Gracie. My FIL joked that we’d have to set an egg timer so that he and my MIL would get equal time with the baby. :o) My FIL is amazingly good with babies. I was really impressed. It’s not that I don’t think that men can’t take care of babies, because Kurt is a wonderful father and a great caregiver. But when my FIL was raising his three boys, fathers basically waited on the sidelines until the kids were old enough to participate in sports and backyard activities. Babies were the sole responsibility of the mother. But my FIL was really great with Grace. He even took care of her all by himself while my MIL took Kurt and me to the casino.

Yeah, speaking of the casino, sometimes I hate my husband’s luck. We were playing this one slot machine, and Kurt inadvertantly hit the button to wager nine lines and FOUR nickels per line on a roll, which came out to $1.80 wagered on one roll. He and I generally only wager 25 cents a roll, so that was a lot of money to us. My MIL said to him, “You’d better win something!!” Sure enough, he won 400 nickels on that roll, which is $20. Unfortunately, we were playing on my MIL’s money, so we didn’t reap the benefits of his lucky roll. :o)

Today’s been a really great day. Grace has been much less fussy than she has been, which is always a good thing. She’s sleeping right now in her swing, and I even managed to rearrange the nursery to soemthing I think will work better. I just hope Kurt likes it.

Poor Kurt has been working on getting the Christmas lights repaired. We have multicolored icicle lights for the house, but somehow whole segments went bad on us. He spent several hours yesterday with his multimeter trying to determine the problem and replacing bad bulbs with new ones. I know it would have been easier to buy new lights, but it was supposed to be a quick fix just to replace the bad bulbs. Hopefully he can get the lights up soon.

Such has been our life for the past couple of weeks. We’re just not exciting people! :o)


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