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Christmas card rejections of Gracie 14 December 2004

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The woman at my local foo-foo grocery store saw Grace while we were in the checkout line, and informed us that she looks like a doll. And she does! Grace doesn’t look like your average, everyday baby — although most babies are adorable. For some reason, I ended up with a baby that could be the next Gerber baby. I am not sure how that happened, seeing as neither Kurt nor I are especially gorgeous. Well, Kurt thinks I am, but that’s a whole other story. :o)

Grace does look like a doll, like she was manufactured to be perfect instead of just being born that way. I don’t mind what she looks like, though. I am perfectly happy to have a healthy and happy baby — her looks are completely secondary. I’m just hoping she turns out like me, or in other words, totally non-girly. I don’t know what I am going to do if she wants to be in dresses 24/7 and pink is her favorite color! I just can’t relate!

Anyhow, so here is a photo that I took of Grace in the quest for an adorable Christmas card. This is one of the images I didn’t choose, only because I felt that having Gracie stick her tongue out was a little undignified for a Christmas card!

Then Grace started to get a little tired of having that stupid woman blind her with the flash over and over again (because I have to take about 20 photos of Grace to get a couple of good ones — thank God for digital photography!). So she got a little grumpy, especially since I propped her up in the corner of the couch instead of laying her down on her back, which is her preferred position in which to be.

Of course, when I see this photo, I hear the voice of Stewey from Family Guy, saying, “Take that, you evil, evil woman!!!” It makes me giggle.

PS — Someone’s 26 and therefore ancient, and I’m still 25!! Bwahahahahaha!!! ;o)


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