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We don’t live in the boonies! 20 January 2005

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Yay! Diaryland is back up!! It figures that the one time I actually feel like updating, Diaryland has major issues and is offline for a while. This is why I don’t work in computer science — too much frustration. :o)

Yesterday marked the 5th anniversary of my being with my husband Kurt. Of course, I didn’t realize what day it was until the late afternoon. We generally don’t mark that day, but it’s nice to remember. I can’t believe it’s been that long, though. We’re definitely each other’s longest relationship now!

For those of you who watched the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition a couple of weeks ago — I live within five miles of the home they built near Seattle, and I’ll tell you that it does not take an ATV or a boat to get to the building site!! I know it was done for the dramatics, but holy cow, folks. If it were really that hard to get to, would it make any kind of sense to build a bed and breakfast there?! Okay, you do have to take the ferry to get to the house from Seattle. But once there, you drive your car off the ferry, go straight down the road you’re already on, make a right turn or two, and bam! There’s the house. Plus the designers made it seem like we were in the middle of nowhere. No, it’s not LA — but that’s why we live here!! We are no more than fifteen miles from all the big box stores where everyone shops, and we do have a mall. We do not live in the Australian bush!! Once I met a lady who told me that she lives so far out in the middle of nowhere in Australia that the nearest grocery store is 100 miles away. Our nearest grocery store is about two miles away. We are civilized.

But it was neat to see the nearest town to my house featured on the TV. During the “How’d They Do That?” show the next evening, I saw one of our local grocery stores in the background while the British team member tried to get a cup of tea.

It’s really weird to see people or places you know on the TV. My father-in-law had a small part in the movie Iron Eagle III, playing a limo driver. He did quite well, especially since at the time he was a limo driver! I recently saw the movie, and it was just so weird to see my father-in-law on my TV screen! I think Kurt and I need to buy that movie and have him autograph it. :o)

Not much has been going on around here, which probably accounts for my lack of updating. Kurt is currently on his way to San Diego, so I am here alone again. The good part is that they HAVE to be home on their original date, so he will be home no later than February 8th. That’s only two and a half weeks; I think I can handle that. It will be worse this summer when he’s gone for four months, but then it’s only four months — not six. I’ve managed to take care of myself for seven months, so four should be quite manageable.

Congratulations to Caroline on the birth of her little Carrot!! (No, that’s not her real name.) I hope Greenbean continues to be a good big sister and doesn’t get too jealous. I suppose that’s the benefit of having your kids close together; Greenbean isn’t quite old enough to feel that Carrot is replacing her. Kurt’s cousin is pregnant with her second child, and her 3-year-old daughter was so jealous of her holding Grace over Christmas. It will be interesting when the new baby is born to see how her daughter handles not being the center of attention anymore. I hope it all goes well.


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