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Well howdy! 19 May 2007

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Yes, hi. Howdy. How are ya? Ummmm I have defected from Diaryland. I am so sorry to do this to you folks, but I will do my best to keep my name in red so you know when I’ve updated. I also will update my links list soon, so don’t fret when you don’t see your link there.

I have been a gold member since it was first offered, and I’ve got no problem with paying for the services that I use. But lately Diaryland has been slowing wayyyyyy down, and I know that Andrew is very much over-extended with it now. When I try to update first thing in the morning, it can take up to ten minutes to post, and usually I have to go back and edit the entry before it actually shows up as the index page.

And with Haloscan not being reliable either… I figured it was just time.

On to other news: Today was the Armed Forces Day parade! My friend J’s son marched as part of the Sea Cadets color guard. The Sea Cadets, if you didn’t know, are like mini sailors, sort of a Navy-themed Boy & Girl Scouts. They wear the same uniforms and earn the same ranks. Usually when I go to one of J’s son’s functions, I spend the whole time oohing and ahhing because they’re just so cute in their tiny little uniforms. J’s son isn’t tiny; he’s almost 17. But some of the younger ones haven’t hit their adult growth spurts yet.

The parade was so much fun! I had to get up at 6.15am this morning to leave an hour later, but J made it more than worth it by suggesting that we go out for breakfast. We went to Shari’s, which is like a Denny’s. Mmmm cheap, greasy breakfast food. Good stuff! And those kinds of places have the best coffee, you know, except for Dunkin Donuts.

I cannot WAIT till I get back to the East Coast. It’s been forever since I had Dunkin Donuts coffee.

The weather cooperated for most of the parade, although my photos will look like I took them in November and not May. It was chilly today, only about 55°, and the sun kept hiding behind rainclouds. It began to sprinkle right near the end of the parade, and I was surprised at how many people packed it in. It wasn’t even raining that hard! Oh well. I ended up getting a better spot for my photos.

I took almost 200 photos today. No, I will not post all of them, and I haven’t got the energy to go through them right this moment.

I think my favorite part of the parade was when the tank went by. The parade kept stopping, from when the bands would perform in front of the judges’ station, and when the tank couldn’t go any farther, it decided to put on a show. The guy in the front of the tank, right underneath the turret, ducked his head back into the tank, and the turret began to swing around. It made a full 360° turn, much to the delight of the crowd. Once the turret was facing forward once again, the guy in the front popped his head out again!

After the parade was over, the tank came thundering back up the street that we’d been standing on, and it was going a good 30mph at that point. The rumble from the treads on the asphalt was so loud you could feel the vibration right up through your feet and into your chest! I would not want to get in the way of that tank!

I think the most moving part of the parade was when the Pearl Harbor survivors walked by, those who could walk, and those who caught a ride in various vehicles. Everyone clapped, and I joined quite a few people in standing up as well.

I love parades like that. It had a real hometown flavor, though there were quite a few marching bands and other groups from Tacoma and other parts of Washington.

I am glad to be home and warm again, though!


9 Responses to “Well howdy!”

  1. purple chai Says:

    Just to say over here at your new site!

  2. art Says:

    well, howdy!! yaself!! this is good!!! anutter diaryland defection!!! wheeeeeee!!! i like this!!!

  3. Blue Opal Says:

    I was debating whether or not to defect here. I’m on but really haven’t updated there, just kind of playing around.

  4. boxx Says:

    I have a wordpress diary but I’m not using it (yet) I will find you no matter where you are. I’ll just bookmark you and I check EVERYDAY. hehehehehe

  5. The other half Says:

    I got it! i like your new page. i fixed my favorites.


  6. Miss Hiss Says:

    SOB! Another one bites the dust! Seriously, I hope you enjoy your new digs, possum. I shall remain as devoted a reader of your blog as ever, I promise! Love, R xxx

  7. Poolie Says:

    Love your new space! I’m hanging in here with Diaryland cuz my membership is paid through next April. But I will visit! I hope you continue to visit me!

  8. michele Says:

    Ok.. first comment in regards to Grace’s memory: that floored me, too! I was flabbergasted by her ability for recall. And, I think you’re on to something— she probably has the capacity for remembering things because it’s not so cluttered with other crap like our adult brains are. Second… ok, if you defect, then I must do so as well. Can you send me an email pointing me in the right direction for defection? LOL! Thanks! Love yoU!

  9. gianna Says:

    Well, we will not forget your wordpress jump from diaryland. Just as me when my birthday is hee hee. I was born May 19th and your first entry is on the 19th ha ha. Coolies!!!

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