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Mass quantities of fun 24 May 2007

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I know it’s kind of goofy (hey!  Just like me!), but I really like how the box for the title of each entry is at the top in WordPress.  I never could come up with a decent title for my entries in Diaryland by the time I finished writing.  Of course, I should have just typed the title first and gone back to the entry, but that would make too much sense.

Yes, I am weird.  I know this.

Anyhoo, yesterday was interesting.  I’d decided to go to the commissary, as I was running low on milk.  Plus I hadn’t stocked up in three weeks or so, which meant it was time.  Do you realize it was the last time I’m going to go to the commissary by myself?  Or I might go by myself when Kurt’s home, only without Grace.  Oooo imagine that!

But I digress.

We were very nearly done with our shopping when the manager made an announcement over the PA that the mascot for the Seattle Mariners, the Mariners Moose, was at the commissary to meet and greet the customers.  Talk about random!   By the time we were being checked out, the Moose was at the front of the store, having photos taken with both customers and clerks.

Grace really wasn’t sure about a big huge ginormous fuzzy thing shaking her hand.  I shook his hand to show her he doesn’t bite, and she reluctantly stuck out her hand too.  But there was no way she was going to approach him.  So I picked her up and faced the manager, who had a camera in his hand, and we had our photo taken.

Where was my camera, you ask?  Why, it was in the car!  Who would have thought I would need my camera inside the commissary?

As soon as the bagger finished loading my car up with groceries (one of the perks of shopping at the commissary), I grabbed my camera and headed back in.  But the Moose was gone!  He’d only been at the commissary for about fifteen minutes.

I talked to my friend yesterday who said the commissary had been heavily promoting the Moose’s visit.  I’m wondering if the Moose had gotten there late, maybe due to the ferries, and that’s why he only stayed for such a short time.  The bagger was under the impression he was supposed to be there for three hours.

At any rate, I’m supposed to call the commissary next week to pick up the print of my photo.

I spent most of the afternoon on the phone yesterday.  I’ll go weeks without talking to many people save Caroline on the phone,  then all of a sudden, everyone and their uncle wants to chat!

First it was my friend C, Grace’s art teacher, and then in the midst of that, J had called me because she’s adopting two new cats that were going to lose their home.  I had just gotten off the phone with C and called J back to discuss the new cat situation as I cooked dinner (veggie burgers, strawberries, and baby carrots dipped in ranch — I was being lazy last night).  All of a sudden Gracie started to cry.  It wasn’t a whining cry; it was a cry she would make if she had fallen or stubbed her toe or been otherwise hurt.  It immediately got my attention, and I turned to her to ask if she was okay.

It was right then that she began vomiting.

Ohhhh not fun.  I have already mentioned my phobia about it.  The last time Grace had had a stomach bug, Kurt was home and I had freaked out a bit.  Yuck.

Last night I just tried my best.  It was over so quickly that there really wasn’t anything I could do to minimize the mess, but as soon as she finished, I stripped her down and wiped her off.  She was crying because she’d made this mess, but I kept telling her it was okay, it wasn’t her fault.  Poor girl.

I’m so thankful it happened in the kitchen.  Granted, I lost my appetite for dinner, but cleanup was so easy!  Thank goodness for tile floors.

I put Grace in her jammies and called J to see if she had any Gatorade.  I know Pedialyte is better, but I didn’t have any on hand, and I didn’t want to leave Grace with anyone else yet if she’s sick.  Fortunately J, having teenaged kids, was well-stocked with Gatorade and sent her son over with three bottles.  Grace sucked one down in very short order.  Any time she gets something new to drink, she guzzles it.  She usually just drinks water and milk, so anything else is novelty.

I set her in front of the tv and let her watch PBS Sprout for an hour.  It’s the only way I know to keep her quiet!  If I had watched some of my shows, she would have been bouncing around all night.

But I’m proud of the way I handled it last night.  I didn’t get grossed out; I didn’t get sick myself.  She was sick, there was a mess to clean up, I did that, and moved on.   Go me.

I’m not sure why she was sick last night.  She seems right as rain now, and she was fine just before she was sick too.  She has no fever, there is no accompanying diarrhea, nothing.  Maybe she was racing around the house too much and chasing the dog, but she usually has a stomach of iron.  Who knows?

So we’re just going to sit around the house and be quiet today.  I’m a little sad, only because we have our Thursday date (Cabin Fever, lunch at the bakery, visiting the used book store), and we’re not going to do it today.  But I think we both need a day to rest.


8 Responses to “Mass quantities of fun”

  1. art Says:

    i think you should go and do all your thursday things!!

  2. chaosdaily Says:

    i wouldnt worry about it, kids tend to throw up more than adults, and it doesnt always mean they are sick. as long as she stays hydrated, she will be ok. and good for you for not puking too!

  3. michele Says:

    that is odd that she just randomly started to vomit. i’m sorry you had to clean that up. i’m the same way though…the 2 times that Trip started to get sick, I was quick enough to scoop him up and hold him over his litter box. then, we just emptied that into the garbage and cleaned his box with soapy, bleach water. i’m glad Grace is okay now! and, since you’re so good about only giving her water to drink (save for the milk at meals) she’s probably *NOT* dehydrated.

  4. kitchenlogic Says:

    Cripes! Sorry it took me so dang long to put you on my blogroll. I’m so disorganized right now. But boy oh boy, do I ever love wordpress. How about you?

  5. Caroline Says:

    Sometimes kids just don’t feel well and throw up, like something doesn’t agree with their tummys. Anyhow. . .. .talk to you later!

  6. twisterjester Says:

    Actually it’s pretty typical that you handled the cleanup. When it’s your children involved, you typically grow your own cast-iron stomach.

  7. Poolie Says:

    Kids puke all the time. It’s kind of like a job.

  8. The other half Says:

    im back from email darkness.

    im hoping Grace is feeling better. im proud of you for not freaking out. KISS KISS

    its cool that you met the moose.

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