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I’m late! I’m late! 25 May 2007

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Busy, busy, busy!!! I did not want to get out of bed today. This is the hazard of putting jersey knit sheets on one’s bed. One never wants to get out of bed because it’s just so darn comfy.

But get out of bed I did, and I even managed to get out of the house relatively on time. I don’t know what it is about Fridays, but most of the time I can’t get to art class right at 10:15am. I’m never more than five minutes late, but still! Maybe it’s because it’s the only thing I have to be on time for. All of Grace’s other activities are flexible on starting and ending times.

One of the grandmas there told me I am losing weight. I haven’t lost any weight in the last few weeks, but it’s nice to know I look like I have! I think it’s just because I wore a skirt today.

Yes, me with the fat lady knees, I wore a skirt today. I found this most adorable denim skort at Walmart last week that I could not pass up. I had to get it in the Women’s sizes (a 16W versus the regular 16) because it is not stretch, so I needed the extra wiggle room. As it is, it’s somewhat difficult to get in and out of the SUV while wearing it. I love skorts that you can’t tell they are skorts; the shorts are completely hidden underneath. I need the shorts underneath because my thighs rub together when I walk (TMI, I know), and it’s just not a comfortable thing.

Plus it looks hella cute on me, if I do say so myself.

I had to run in to Target today. I think Grace got sick a couple days ago because she scaled some furniture in her room and got hold of her bottle of fluoride drops. It was half-full earlier this week; now it is empty. I didn’t realize it till I tried to find her fluoride drops last night, and had to scour her room till I found them.

We got her a new bottle of drops (we’re on a community well for our water, and absolutely nothing is added to it, hence the need for fluoride drops) at Target today. That’s one thing I love about their pharmacy — same-day refills. At the military hospital you can refill your prescription online, but it takes a few days before it’s available for pick-up.

While in Target, I got a phone call from Comcast (I had forwarded my home phone to my cell phone because my friend is coming to visit me today). It was the second time they’d called me in the last week, but I hadn’t answered the first time. Then they had the audacity not to leave a message! I hate it when companies do that.

The Comcast sales rep on the other line tried to sell me Comcast phone service. “If you sign up for Comcast Voice, we can give you yadda-yadda-yadda. What a great deal!”

I told him no thank you, I do not want Comcast Voice.

Then he wants to know why. So I told him, straight-up. “I don’t want Comcast Voice because when the power goes out, I would lose my phone service.”

Dead silence.

After a moment’s recovery, he began to hem and haw and finally gave up.

Look, I have a toddler. When the power goes out here, it doesn’t go out for four or five hours. It goes out for days, sometimes a week. I can’t be reliant on phone service that only operates when the power’s on. I need to be able to call the power company and get updates since I don’t have family I can go stay with when the power’s out. I need to be able to stay on the phone for as long as necessary and not worry about my cell phone’s battery dying and how I’m going to recharge it.

I probably wasn’t as nice as I could have been to that guy, but I hate telemarketers. I know Comcast can call me because I’m one of their customers (I am on the Do Not Call registry), but that doesn’t mean I want an up-sell every few weeks. I get flyers all the time with my bill offering me more services. If I wanted them, I would call and ask for them!

Besides, when someone calls you to sell you something, he generally has the personality of a doorknob. If you interrupt his spiel to ask a question, he’ll get very confused because you’ve made him lose his place. Instead of an “Excuse me, ma’am?” to prompt me to repeat my question, invariably he’ll grunt, “Huh??”

At any rate, I need to go do a wee bit of housework. My friend will be arriving soon, and I’ve got a ton of foam to clean up. See, I bought something online that had foam packaging in the box. I made the mistake of leaving the box out overnight. So this morning I woke up to foam strewn all over my house.

I guess foam is also offensive my psycho cat Storm.

PS — Kurt was supposed to have been home TODAY.  Waaaahhhh!!  OK, pity party is over now. *wink*

TWO MORE WEEKS!!  Yahhoooooooooo!!!


5 Responses to “I’m late! I’m late!”

  1. art Says:

    denim skort !!! wut dat? i ask telemarketers for thier name and fone number and when they ask why, i say its so i can call them at dinner or nap time!! hehehehe!!

  2. The other half Says:

    PICTURES!! I’m going to forget what you look like and walk past in the airport! you have a tripod and a remote no excuses! get someone in your art class to take a picture of you.

    the 25th is the talk around here. 😦 sad for the day. i just think the deployment is over, we just have a 2 week underway period then im home again.

    KISS KISS to you

  3. twisterjester Says:

    I hear you about the phone. We have cell phones so we’ve considered getting a Vonage hookup for home. It definitely wouldn’t work for us otherwise.

  4. Caroline Says:

    Yea, what Kurt said, you have a tripod AND a remote for your camera (although I think the self timer would probably work just fine in this case, bwa ha ha ha), take a pic in your hot new skirt and send it to your hubby. And THEN stop thinking that he was supposed to be home today but that he’ll be home less than 2 weeks. SO PPPPPPPHHHHHHH!!!! No more pity party for you!

  5. michele Says:

    btw… if i had read this entry sooner, i would have also requested a photo. am i still an important person?!?!? 😉

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