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1950s housewife 30 May 2007

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So I woke up yesterday morning, and my hair was down on my forehead. Most of you know I keep my hair up off my forehead, which isn’t my favorite look for me, but it’s the easy thing to do with my hair.

See, I wasn’t blessed with the “styling one’s hair” gene. All that went to my sister. She is a whiz with a hairdryer and curling iron. Show her a hairstyle and she can recreate it on your head.

Me, not so much. This is why I stick with a perm. It looks like I have put forth some effort on my hair without my having to do anything since I lack the skills to do so.

When my hair decided to fall down over my forehead yesterday, it looked almost styled. So I went with it. Here is the result:

1950s housewife

I showed this photo to a friend of mine, and he said I looked like the quintessential 1950s housewife. Gee, thanks, David. *wink*

I do like the way my hair turned out for this photo. I just don’t know how to recreate it. I didn’t wash my hair last night, so it still is styled somewhat like this, but it’s just not quite the same. I don’t know how to get it back looking like this either. But oh well. At least it looked good yesterday!

I take my small victories where I can get them.

I also don’t know why my hair is turning red for photos. It certainly isn’t red in real life to my eyes. People say it looks reddish in the sun. Under my compact fluorescent lights I have in the bathroom, my hair looks dingy dark blonde. And I’ve always considered my hair to be just plain ol’ brown, except for the six years or so that I colored my hair a very obnoxious bright red.

The main reason I don’t much like wearing my bangs up is because I have an extremely large forehead. Most of the time I say my forehead is so big, I have a fivehead. I’m not quite sure who in my gene pool donated my ginormous expanse of skin between my eyebrows and my hairline, but it’s definitely one of my least favorite features about myself.

As per Lisele’s detailed instructions, I have been slowly switching my Diaryland archives over here. I’m almost embarrassed to post them here, but I figure if they’re already on Diaryland, y’all can access them anyhow. It’s just weird to read how different I was way back when. Seven years makes a huge difference, at least in my life.

It’s so odd to look back and see when Kurt and I were just barely together. We’d started dating two months before I started this journal, and already I knew he was the one for me. But there was a ton of uncertainty as to where our relationship was heading and whether it would last.

Seven years later, we’re still together. And that’s a good thing!

It’s also highly amusing to read the entries and remember people that I just don’t have contact with anymore. I’m not sure why that is; all I know is they’ve gone their ways and I’ve gone mine. I get a bit wistful for the friendships that were, but maybe we’ve just outgrown one another. It happens that way sometimes.

It’ll take me quite a while to get all the archives set up. I’ve done the first four months; only 82 more to go!


5 Responses to “1950s housewife”

  1. art Says:

    i seen that pic last night too!!! woo hoo!!!

  2. Blue Opal Says:

    Beautiful – and I hear you. I started my Diaryland diary back in 2003, long before I’d met Gerrit or even given any serious thought to the possibility of entering another relationship (much less getting married!) Amazing the difference a few years makes.

  3. The other half Says:

    you don’t have a 5 head! there is no scale out there that says 3,4,5 head. when i put my hand up to forehead i have a 15 head! heee hee, i had the guys in here do a survey. now i have 5 guys walking with their hand on their fore head and they have a complex about it. see what you started! 😛

    You are the prettiest woman in the world! i love that picture you. i am way too lucky to just know you! KISS KISS baby

  4. michele Says:

    what a GORGEOUS pic, Sis!! And despite the fact that you say you don’t think you’re losing weight, I can TOTALLY see it in your face. You’ve lost a lot of the ‘puffiness’ in your cheeks. Actually, this pic on this page is one of the most grown-up looking shots I’ve seen of you. Man… my little sister is growin’ up. 😦 [LOL] And yes, 7 years is a lot to mature anyone… I’m not the same person I was 7 years ago either!! Great entry! Love you!

  5. Caroline Says:

    You look PURRRTTEEEE! Did you give your hair a pep talk before going to bed the night before? J/K. 🙂

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