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Just one week 1 June 2007

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As I predicted, I have not been able to replicate the awesomeness that was my hair a few days ago. I am so envious of y’all who can actually style your hair and get it to look good. Some days I wish I were a guy, so I could go around with a flat-top (yeah I know, they’re out of fashion, but I like them) or even a high-and-tight. Throw in a little bit of gel and I’m out of the door.

I did have short hair (like really short) for a time, but I was always told that since my face was so heavy, I look better with at least some length. It’s a shame, though, since short hair is so easy to deal with.

You know what I did with my hair in high school? I’d take a shower in the morning, comb through my hair, and head off to school. I didn’t even bother with a hair dryer. As a result, my hair froze a few times as I waited at the bus stop. Generally my hair would be dry by the end of first period. At that time, my hair went to my waist and I had no bangs. Everyone said I had the most lovely colored hair, that I should never dye it, and I swore I never would. I kept that vow till I got to college, and then I promptly dyed it red.

The only bad part to having such long hair in school is it always got caught in the rivets of my chair. I’d lean back to listen to the teacher, and as soon as I sat forward to write something down, I’d leave hunks of hair attached to the back of the chair. It was fairly painful, let me tell you.

Do kids even take notes by hand anymore, or does everyone have a laptop?? I hated that in college, the one or two people that had laptops. It was so distracting to be in a lecture hall or classroom, and hear “tap-tap-tap, tappity-tap-tap-tap” as you’re trying to pay attention. Hey, I didn’t sleep through all my classes. I only did that in one class. I’m trying to think which one, and I’m drawing a blank. Artificial Intelligence? Probably.

Anyhoo, to the meat of this entry.

One week, folks. One flippin’ week.

Pardon me whilst I go throw up.

It’s a hard thing. Most people think, “Oh yay, your husband’s coming home in a week. Happy happy joy joy!” Yes, it is a happy thing, and I’m very glad for it. But it’s stressful as all hell too.

Folks, I’ve had my own space for six and a half months. I’ve been able to eat what I want, go to the bathroom when I want (we only have one bathroom in our house), watch all my forensic science shows when I want, go to the store when I want… I have been in full charge of Grace, and so we do things my way.

That’s not to say that Kurt is going to come home and “mess everything up.” I don’t work that way. Because he does things differently from me, I could just say that he’s screwing with the way things are done. But that’s just going to piss everyone off, and that’s generally not a good idea. What it means is I’m going to have to realize that things aren’t going to go my way all the time. That he’s going to do something different with Grace and I’m just going have to have to roll with it. And that’s okay.

It’s been just Grace and me for so long we’ll have to open up and make space for Kurt too. It’s going to be quite an adjustment, and while I’m excited that my husband and Grace’s father will be home soon so we can be a complete family, I’m also anxious. It’s a hard transition to go through.

But I’m sure we’ll make it just fine.


10 Responses to “Just one week”

  1. art Says:

    you will be all right!!! you been thru this before, and you love this you know!!! hey, i was thinking, just a thought, when i was reading about your hairstyling problems, what about this? if you went totally BALD like kurt, then the 2 of ya can go down the street and people will say, “now, theres a couple!!” hehehee!!! just a thought!!! cya!!

  2. chaosdaily Says:

    ooo im sure it will be an adjustment. i would be nervous too! my hair used to freeze when i would go into the freezer at work! then i started washing it in the afternoon, so i could sleep longer in the morning.

  3. oldewoman Says:

    Wonderful things happening in your life can be very stressful, too. But being aware of it is what keeps your feet on the ground, I think.

  4. The other half Says:

    we did it once and we did fine. we both readjusted to each other quickly because we both understood that there is an adjustment to watch for. thank you for seeing that we need to have patiences with each other. althougth you may find me in the kitchen waiting for my food for the first few days or waking up for the mid-watch. 🙂


  5. chaosdaily Says:

    yeah thats the teacher. once dude handed in the homework, those fs turned to As. he doesnt have to take any more of that teachers classes, and they both like that!

  6. David Says:

    On the upside, once you two get readjusted to sharing a house (not necessarily This house 😉 ) you won’t have to re-re-adjust to deployment issues for a goodly time. So once the balance is found you’ll be able to stick with it!

  7. yankeechick Says:

    Kurt is awesome! You guys will be just fine in no time. Just the fact that you can write this knowing he will read it and then seeing his response speaks volumes! {{hugs}}

  8. twisterjester Says:

    Awww, you’ve been missing your other half for all this time; as long as he’s been away, you know it’ll be kind of a new honeymoon for you. Jitters are perfectly normal and will last about two minutes! *Hugs*

  9. Catie Says:

    I totally understand this. Even though Andy and I have never been apart for any serious length of time, I get settling into a groove and not being thrilled about giving it up. Hopefully the hunk of burning love that is Kurt will make up for the annoyance. 🙂

  10. michele Says:

    The reason I didn’t see “one week” all over your webpage is because I hadn’t read it until now. I typically only catch up on your diary during the week while i’m at work…gives me a ‘brain break’. 🙂

    glad that he’s coming home in week!

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