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A rather large snafu 2 June 2007

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Ahhhhh Saturday. A lazy day stretching ahead of me, and more of the same tomorrow!!!

I used to dread weekends. With Kurt being gone all the time (this is his fourth extended trip since we moved here four years ago), weekends were extremely hard for me. I could count on being able to keep busy during the week with one friend or another, but come the weekend, they no longer had time for me.

I understand that my friends wanted time together to spend as a family. But in my marriage, if I want to go out somewhere because a friend has invited me, Kurt is going to be more than willing to “let me go,” whether it’s one of his nights off or the weekend or what-have-you. The husbands of my friends here all seem to be the type to expect their wives to be home and stay home once they’re home from work, and that’s something I just don’t understand.

Then again I don’t hold with being told what to do, especially by my husband!

But now weekends are lovely things. I’m so busy during the week, what with two playgroups and an art class on the schedule for Grace, and the other two days of the week filled with errand-running or more time with friends. Weekends give me a chance to catch up on housework, if I’m feeling up to it, and to just sit and do a bunch of stitching.

It’s heavenly.

So my snafu last night. Every time I go into Grace’s room, I check on the fish. Some of you may remember that we got a 10-gallon fish tank, which we proceeded to stock with two goldfish, just before Kurt left in November. Fi suggested naming them Gob and Ob, names that I thought were pretty darn cool. The orange-calico fish was Ob, and the one with more white was Gob.

Gob died within a week. Hey, we got them from Walmart. I wasn’t terribly surprised.

So now we just have Ob. And Ob, being a goldfish, is an extremely dirty fish. I also seem to have somewhat of an algae problem. I try to take care of the issue with water changes, instead of just loading the tank with a bunch of chemicals, but I’m also rather lazy about the whole thing.

Hey, he’s a goldfish. He’s hardy. I could have stuck him in a goldfish bowl and he’d have been more than happy. He thinks he’s in fat city right now, sitting in a ten-gallon tank with a power filter! And he doesn’t even have a roommate!

Lately I’ve been noticing the water getting worse and worse. Finally I figured it was time to do something about it, since I couldn’t really see the back of the tank anymore.

I sucked up most of the water with my gravel vacuum and replaced it with fresh water. Another benefit to being on a community well? No chlorine, which is toxic to fish, is added to our water. I still add water conditioner, but I don’t have to be very immediate about it.

Then I realized that most of the tank decorations were covered with algae. I took them out and scrubbed them under fresh water using a toothbrush. It’s amazing how clean they got!! It was at this point I got the bright idea of cleaning out the filter.

See, Grace’s fish tank sits on top of her dresser. It’s the only thing we own that would support the weight of ten gallons of water. I managed to gently ease the dresser away from the wall so I could reach the power cord to the filter. Then I could take the filter into the bathroom and really scrub it. Boy, was it dirty. Gross!

Finally everything was finished. Everything was as clean as I could possibly make it using just fresh water and a toothbrush. It was time to put everything back.

I filled the tank back up and attempted to ease the dresser back into its place. All of a sudden, CRACK!!! And the dresser began to list to one side. This caused a good deal of water to slosh out of the top of the tank as well. I know I should have waited to fill the tank back up when I had the dresser back against the wall, but hey, I never said I was the sharpest tack in the box!!!

I had snapped off one of the legs to Grace’s dresser.


It wasn’t too big of a deal. We got the dresser used from my neighbor J — $40 for it and a bookshelf-thing that hangs on the wall. And at least it was one of the back legs, so it would be very unnoticeable.

But I had to get the tank off the dresser. This involved taking out more water so I could lift the damn thing. I am a strong girl, but I’m not He-Man!!! More tank water was splashed on Grace’s carpet by this endeavor, but I made it. I grabbed the Gorilla Glue and got to work.

I love Gorilla Glue. Seriously. If you don’t have any, go get some. It fixes everything. Or nearly everything, anyhow. I managed to glue the leg back on the dresser, and I didn’t even have to clamp it! The weight of the fish tank was enough to act as a clamp.

The only downside is if you get Gorilla Glue on your skin, it doesn’t come off. You can try to scrub it off, but it doesn’t really work. I can still feel the glue on my skin.

But at least the fish is happy. The tank is clean, all the gunk is scrubbed out of the filter and off the decorations, and slowly the water is getting clearer and clearer.

It’ll be a while till I undertake that again, though!!!

Kurt’s answers to yesterday’s meme (he wanted to be a lemming too!):

1. How old were you when you first went to the movie theatre – what movie did you see? I wouldn’t put money on it but I think it was Star Wars 4 (or the original if you are old) , my mom said once that we saw that movie with my cousin. Since that was 1977, that what I am going with.

2. How old were you when you had your first child(ren)? 30

3. How old were you when you had your first real kiss? 13 – Colleen, asked if we can go ride our bikes between two housing developments and then I dared her to kiss me. Hee hee, I am evil.

4. How old were you when you went on your first roller coaster ride? Where was it? I think I was 7 and it was at Disney land, wasn’t fun, I have only been on 5 or 6 after that.

5. When did you get your first cell phone? 1995 – its was called the brick! That was the model name, I got it real cheap.

6. How old were you when you got your first car? My very own, 17 – 1979 Chevy Luv

7. How old were you when you started your first job? What was it? 16, Bagger at a supermarket ABCO, it’s now a Safeway.

8. What was your first alcoholic beverage? Beer, in “C” school [training for the Navy] 1994, I didn’t like beer for a long time.

9. Where did you buy your first house? same as wife – “I am currently living in my first house in Washington state”

10. When did you start your first blog? Haven’t – wife handles that department, she is our YN [yeoman, ie “paper pusher”]


6 Responses to “A rather large snafu”

  1. art Says:

    from one YN to anutter, hava slap happy weekend!!! wheeeeeeee!!!

  2. Blue Opal Says:

    Hey, I like that! I gotta con… er, talk Gerrit into doing the same thing πŸ˜‰

  3. The other half Says:

    I am proud of you for fixing the table. dont break anything or dont fix anything for the next 6 days! ill fix what ever you break, just wait till i get home.


  4. Catie Says:

    How weird about your lady friends not being available to play after their husbands get home. I make a point of going out at least once a week with a friend mostly so Andy can have the place to himself for a few hours. He appreciates it and I always have fun, so it’s a win/win.

  5. lisele Says:

    I love seeing your husband’s contributions/replies. That is so cute, espcially considering what he is doing.

  6. michele Says:

    that’s a bummer that you spilled the fish tank water. so i guess Gorilla Glue is the new duct tape of this millenia? πŸ˜‰ [did i use that word properly?]

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