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Oh but there IS a way! 3 June 2007

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EDIT! (as of noon PDT) For those of you using IE, you need to go to Google Reader and manually input your RSS feeds where it says “Add subscription.” If you simply try to click an RSS feed in IE7 to add it to your feed list, it will only allow you to use IE to read your feeds instead of Google Reader. But then that’s Windoze for you!!!!

I know a lot of us have been bemoaning the loss of buddy list like Diaryland offers to keep up with our reading as soon as a friend has updated. But there IS a way!I was on someone’s diary yesterday (and I’m sorry I don’t remember whose) when I read a comment regarding using Google Reader. I had never figured out that whole fandangled RSS feed thing, but now I have!

For those of us who use WordPress or Blogger, there is a link on each page to subscribe to the feed. So what you do is you go over to Google, set up their Reader, and then go to each WordPress or Blogger diary and click on their Subscribe to this Feed (or in WordPress, it’s “Feed on Posts”; on my page it’s a tiny little RSS button on the very bottom right) link. Then select “Google” on the next page!

You can also do this through Firefox without using Google at all, and you could probably do the same with IE. I like Google because I just keep the Reader open as one of my tabs, and as soon as someone updates or a new news story comes through, I can see it immediately.

And that’s the nice thing about using RSS feeds! Instead of just having diary buddies on this list, you can put anything that has an RSS feed. I have BBC News as well as Google News on my reader, and I also added Ken Rockwell’s feed so I know as soon as he updates his photography page. Then to check my Diaryland buddies, I have to use my buddy list, but at least now I’m just going to two sites for all my journal reads!

I’m just kicking myself for not starting to use this sooner!! DUH!

Now I won’t miss another entry by KitchenLogic or Yankee-Chick, which I had been since I had been relying solely on my Diaryland list.

Now you know.

In other random news, Kurt was supposed to have called me yesterday. Technically he was supposed to have called me on Friday, but I’m not sure what happened with that. Anyhow, he didn’t call yesterday either, and I’m a wee bit perturbed. He’d told me that if I went anywhere I should forward the phone to my cell phone, but I didn’t particularly want to be standing in the midst of Walmart or wherever when I received an international phone call. So I stayed home, and it was all for naught. Of course, I really ought not to complain since he’s going to be home on Friday.

I have changed my Firefox skin! This is pretty big for me, since I had been using the same one for months. I like having the opportunity to change my skin (or theme, or whatever Mozilla calls it) because I get sick of looking at the same ol’ same ol’ all the time. But then I like the skins that don’t look anything like the default. My absolute favorite is Pimpzilla, which features much in the way of bling and leopard print. It’s absolutely obnoxious. I hadn’t been able to use it till recently because there wasn’t a compatible version when I upgraded to Firefox 2.0.

Almost as good as Pimpzilla is my new theme called Pink Paula. Now my browser is PINK!! I ended up having to change my Windoze theme as well because olive green and pink just didn’t look right together, so now it’s silver.

It’s weird looking at my computer screen now! It’ll take me a bit to get used to all the different colors.

This morning Grace wanted to read her magazine while she ate breakfast today. And since she looked so incredibly like me, I just had to snap a photo:

Grace reads her magazine as she eats breakfast!

Isn’t that just hilarious??? Like mother, like daughter!!!


10 Responses to “Oh but there IS a way!”

  1. boxx9000 Says:

    You lost me at *go over to google”. What does that mean? I’m really hopeless with anything computer related. I amaze myself that I am able to do even the small amount of *tricks* I currently do. hehehehe. I’ll show this page to my son or daughter and ask them to help me. That’s what I do at school, too. ASK A KID, THEY’LL KNOW!

  2. art Says:

    well it aint working for me. so i dunno.

  3. oldewoman Says:

    Okay! This may be what I’ve been looking for since I jumped to Blogspot. I’ve been checking some RSS feeds in my Firefox bookmarks, but as much as I can get on a single page AND new posts highlighted: that’s the ticket. I’ll let you know if I make any progress. Thanks!

  4. Terri Says:

    Ooo, thanks for the info! I’ll have to head over to Google. 🙂

    That picture is one of the cutest things I’ve seen all day. And I’ve seen a lot of cute things!

  5. The other half Says:

    she is simply amazing that she does that. that is TOO CUTE.

    Website technology has advanced since i have been gone. Firefox its getting cooler every day. you are going to have to show me all this new stuff when i get home….like at the end of the WEEK!!! HHHHHAAAAAAAAA – im excited.

  6. Poolie Says:

    I’ll just find you all the old fashioned way.

  7. Amanda Says:

    That’s so cute how she’s reading like a big girl! I just love it! Kailee does that kind of stuff too, acts like me, and while sometimes I think it’s the best thing ever, sometimes it also freaks me out! HEHE! YAY for Kurt being home FRIDAY! I can’t believe it’s already time for him to be back! Crazy! How long till you guys move now?

  8. lisele Says:

    Ooh boy…RSS feeds. I have resisted this, but maybe I should jump on it. That buddy list was the best thing about Dland, but I don’t think THEY do RSS feeds, do they? IT seems like most of my buddies who update often are elsewhere now anyway though. I could still check the buddy list now and then 😉

  9. lisele Says:

    Oh, and I have Pimpzilla too 😉 My favorite is the Christmas one. I wish they made things THAT cute for other times of the year.

  10. michele Says:

    I. WANT. YOUR. BABY.!!!!!!

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